Lynn Yaeger Laid off from Village Voice

What: Lynn Yaeger, one of our favorite fashion writers/commentators, has been laid off from the Village Voice.

What They Say: From Coutorture: A New York mainstay, Yaeger is one of the most well-known journalists in the fashion industry. Her column in the Voice is always not only entertaining but educated—possibly because she’s been with the paper for over thirty years.

What We Say: Four years ago, Lynn Yaeger was the first “named” fashion person who agreed to be interviewed for TBF and has written positively about Budget Fashionista for years, no needless to say we’re sad to hear that she’s been laid off. However, we think that this is a golden opportunity for a paper like the New York Times or a major web start up like Glam, to scoop up a true fashion star.

Favorite Lynn Yaeger Articles

  • ”Carried Away”, The Atlantic Monthly, April 2007– Yaeger reviews several books
  • ”Good-Enough Gifts For These Recessionary Times”, Village Voice, December 9, 2008– Yaeger reviews great gifts that are budget friendly, but not cheap looking
  • ”Hitting the Vuitton Murakami Shop at the Brooklyn Museum”, Village Voice, April 15, 2008– Yaeger discusses the Murakami exhibit and chats about shopping Canal street for knock-offs

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