Lucky Brand Jeans for Less than $50

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The Deal: Save up to 60% off Lucky Brand Jeans

The Lowdown:A few weeks ago, we posted a deal on the $49.99 Jeans available at Lucky Brand. One commenter rightly noted that you can also find Lucky Brand jeans at select TJ Maxxs and Filene’s Basement for $29.99. So why should you shop the online site? Well, the Lucky Brand jeans available at off-priced stores (that is the category of store Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, fits into) is often limited in terms of style and definitely in terms of sizing (you find jeans up to size 18 online). Plus, the site also has it’s share of $29.99 (and less) jeans. Our advice? Check out your local off-priced store and then head online to Lucky Brand store to check out the selection online.

Shop: The Denim Sale at Lucky Brand

Our Picks:

Lucky Brand denims
1. Southside Zoe Flare Jeans, was $99, now $49.99
2. Denim Leggings*, was $79.50, now $29.99

Lucky Brand Denims
3. Zoe Skinny Jeans, was $99, now $49.99
4. Riley Slouchy Skinny Jeans*, was $99, now $29.99
5. Zoe Bootleg Jeans, was $79.50, now $49.99

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  • The lower part of the skinny jeans is very unflattering, though. I don’t know, but when I looked at it, it seem kind of weird but hopefully, in actual, it isn’t. But it’s a good thing that there are a lot of jeans, in your gallery, that are in low prices. Girls love fashion and a little retail, too. 🙂