Two Very Interesting Facts About Louis Vuitton

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I just learned these very interesting facts regarding Louis Vuitton:

1. The iconic “LV” logo was created in the late 1800s to prevent counterfeiting.
2. 99% of all Louis Vuitton branded products in the world are fake.

So, now I get why their panties are in a bunch over the whole fake issue.

On a somewhat related note, Marc Jacobs designs Louis Vuitton’s ready to wear and two of his own lines. Exactly when does he time to do fun stuff like sleep and eat? No wonder he always looks like he’s one Murakami bag away from being committed to the psych ward. Marc, I’m sending a big hug your way. It looks like you need it.

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  • Aviyia Burns

    You can tell if your Louis Vuitton purse is real by the intricate detaling of sewing, the beige tag that extends from it and if it comes with the brown Louis Vuitton sack with the string.

  • Desiree

    Just want to say that I absolutely love the book. I refer to it every other day. Thank you sooo much for the information.  Are there any new websites that you could recommend for authentic designer bags???