L’Oreal Vive Pro Style & Body Infusing Conditioning Treatment

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What: On a quest for perfectly soft and conditioned strands, Robin reaches for L’Oreal Vive Pro Style & Body Infusing Conditioning Treatment, $3.74.

The Lowdown: I confess: I’ve fallen into a shampoo and conditioner rut. I’ve been using the same stuff on my hair day in and day out and I should know better. The L’Oreal Vive Pro Style & Body Infusing Conditioning Treatment is a weekly deep conditioning treatment that says it “transforms unmanageable hair into soft, supple hair that holds its style.” It also claims to “deliver ultra-light moisture that conditions without weighing hair down” and “restores silkiness and shine to dull hair.”  After shampooing, I applied a quarter-sized amount to my strands and let it do its magic for three minutes. The color was a bubble gum pink and smelled fruity and floral, and afterward my hair felt soft but not buttery like it has after using some other deep conditioners in the past. Upon styling, my hair was a touch shinier and fairly flyaway-free.  The next day, my hair still looked pretty darn good—so I skipped the shampoo, took a brush through it and went.

Yea or Nay: I say Yea. It’s not as deep-conditioning as a hot oil treatment is, but it definitely has more muscle than a daily conditioner.

Buy It: @ Drugstore.com

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