Your Skin Will Thank You For This: Free Facials and More at L’Occitane

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Young woman with clay facial mask via Shutterstock

What: L’Occitane is offering free facials and more in their boutiques nationwide from May 31st to June 3rd, as part of their launch of new Angelica skincare products.

What They Say:

The Angelica Instant Hydration Mask is an ultra fresh and rinse-free gel that rehydrates the thirstiest skin in just three minutes. Quench your skin with this unique complex of organic angelica essential oil and angelica water, for a natural hydration boost as well as fresh, plump and radiant skin.

What We Say: The scorching summer heat can be really unforgiving to our skin, so we’re positively thrilled about L’Occitane’s latest promotion. Besides, who’s crazy enough to pass up free facials anyway?

Aside from the free skin pampering, you can get customized skin analyses and helpful tips for your own skincare regimens. Plus, if you sign up with L’Occitane on Facebook, you will also get–on top of everything else mentioned here so far–a free signature hand massage AND a gift bag filled with L’Occitane’s handpicked product samples. Now that’s a real summer treat!

So before hitting the beach, do your skin a favor and book a free session with L’Occitane at

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