Pucker Up to Fall: 5 Shades Your Lips Need Now

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lipstick shade collage

Spice up humdrum outfits in crisping weather with a little fall heat in your pout. Autumn neutrals, ripe berries and wine reds have hit the shelves, and if you’re looking to up your beauty game with some festive hues, we’ve found the four essentials to get you through the next round of holidays. Whether you’re catching up with family over a big meal or headed to the dreaded class reunion, these fabulous fall shades will have you looking festive for every part of your harvest homecoming.


Cool or warm, light or dark, the season’s it-shades provide you with a full foliage-inspired spectrum to enjoy over the next few months — and beyond (hey, we’re not sticklers). So when you’re feeling like your leather, sweaters and boots need a bit more of an oomph, grab one of these tubes and pucker up to pretty colors that celebrate the season like the changing of the leaves.

4 Lipstick Shades for Fall

1. Greige

greige lip color

Coven Cream Lip Slick, $12, Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

A little grey, a little beige: a whole lot of essential to any nude lip collection. Think you can’t pull off this trend shade? Think again. This color gives you all of the autumn edge you crave. Ghoulish enough for October, but neutral enough for every month after!

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  • Merlot seems good enough for me 🙂

  • Sarah

    amazing ! for me i choose the chocolate one

  • Kit

    Greige is my favorite!


    • Catherine Brock

      I know, right?! Thanks for stopping by!