Lip Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Complete Lip Care System, $19.99

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What: Angela tries out yet another entry to the anti-aging product parade, this one promises to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, by conditioning your lips.

The Lowdown: A three-step system, Lip Effects contains a Lip Smoothing Scrub (step one), a Peptide Treatment Serum (step two), and a Lip Balm SPF 15 (step three). Combined, the regimen is intended to exfoliate, repair and moisturize. With everyday use, here’s what I found: yes, the products do make my lips soft and smooth, and maybe, temporarily, a bit fuller, and these things do translate to more youthful looking lips. Did the results last? Throughout the day, yes, but eventually my lips revert to their old ways. That said, I still loved using this product, because my expectations are realistic. I don’t really expect anything I do outside of a dermatologist’s office to give long-term and/or permanent results. The smoothing scrub took care of rough, chapped skin; the peptide treatment softened things up even more, and the lip balm doubles up as a really nice gloss. My lips looked better than usual, and that’s a beauty boost worth holding on to.

Yea or Nay: Yea. And even though the $19.99 price tag doesn’t seem terribly budget, remember that you get three separate products for your twenty bucks.

Buy it: At CVS, where you can also check out a whole host of other products offered in Dr. Dover’s Skin Effects line.

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  • Carolyn McLendon

    I have used the Lip Effects line in the past that was purchaed at CVS but now I am unable to find any longer. Please advise as to where I might be able to purchase the Lip Balm (step 3) the Lip Effects and the Exfoliate. I really like the products. Thank you.

    Carolyn McLendon