Libertine for Target’s Go International

Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig of the clothing line Libertine is the next design group on tap for Target’s Go International line. The line is set to be in stores at the beginning of July.
Libertine is an interesting choice for Target because Greene and Hartig don’t necessarily “design” pieces as much as deconstruct/reconstruct vintage pieces and then imprint them with silk screened images. The duos collection for Target is much more preppy, very LaCoste like, that doesn’t incorporate much of the designers vintage roots. I am not expecting that much from this line (although I love the floppy hat).
While I love Target’s ability to get rising design stars to create affordable lines, it does seem that the International part of “Go International” is a bit missing.

Target Go International Designers
Luelly Bartley– Britain
Tara Jamon- Canada/France
Paul& Joe- France
Behnaz Sarapour- American
Proenza Schouler- American
Patrick Robinson- American
Libertine- American
Temperley London– Britain (Holiday 2007)
Where are the Italian designers? Where are the Japanese designers? Who better to do a line of budget swimwear than a fabulous Brazilian designer?

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

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    Your right not to expect too much from this line it looks really silly. The only “look” I like is 19 the white blouse and jeans. I can’t tell what is on the bags and skirts but it looks like those critters from the stuff from J. crew, and little lobsters and animals seem a bit childish. I don?t like skulls either so this line does nothing for me.

    I’m really looking forward to Libertine.  Nitro:licious has larger images.  I couldn’t really tell much of anything from the Target press site.  Once I got a closer look at the clothes, I got really excited about some of the pieces.  I really like the pinstriped shirt dress and the black and white bolero, although I agree that they are a big departure from their big budget collections.  But can a designer really take vintage pieces to a mass market?  How would they satisfy the sheer volume that Target must require?

    Love the long jacket and capris in the top picture. You have to admit, Target makes fashion trends so much more affordable, and usually provides cute interpretations.

    I personally liked the line.  I love basics in bright colors so the kelly green outfit and red/pink cardigan outfit with the pink/lilac striped shirt did it for me.  I also love tie front blouses so I’m excited to see them with short sleeves.  This is a line I may actually see in person at Target here in the midwest!

    I just don’t get this line…it is so unattractive. Whose body does this look good on? I have a problem with Target’s “designer” lines in general—they seem to be designed for a boyish teenage body rather than a woman’s body. How about stylish clothes for people who actually have breasts and hips?

    This line is crossing into fugly. I can normally get behind quirky, but there is very little here that I would be willing to wear in public.  I think that they’re trying to be cute by bucking traditional rules of proportion and color, but there is not way that that many huge bows near your face will ever look good. Just about the whole collection distracts from the wearer. YUCK!

    I like the red/pink cardigan set. I think I need to see many of the other pieces in person to really form an opinion.

    Does anyone know when Libertine is actually going to hit stores?

    Ok folks…..Libertine is finally at Target (and online) as of today.  I went to my local outlet this morning, and it looked like they carried most of the line except for the accessories.  While everything was cute (down to the fabric hang-tag) I think it appeals to a younger, more EMO crowd.  The other gals circling the racks when I was there were straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog.  I personally bought the red striped puff sleeved blouse and the eyelet top.  The blouse is adorable (great for work) but the white eyelet top unfortunately doesn’t right (I seem to be in between sizes).  My best advice would be to try several sizes in diff. styles, as a size medium in one item doesn’t translate to the same size in another.

    I loved some of the pieces, like the military jacket with the bird on back and the cream blouse with black prints. My rocker style just digged the skull prints. I can pair some of the pieces with what’s on my closet and pull out some great outfits.

    I like several of the items.  Looking foward to Temperley more though.  I am dying to find out where I can score those red fingerless gloves one the GO opening page/ look #3.  They are killer.

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