Libertine for Target’s Go International

Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig of the clothing line Libertine is the next design group on tap for Target’s Go International line. The line is set to be in stores at the beginning of July.
Libertine is an interesting choice for Target because Greene and Hartig don’t necessarily “design” pieces as much as deconstruct/reconstruct vintage pieces and then imprint them with silk screened images. The duos collection for Target is much more preppy, very LaCoste like, that doesn’t incorporate much of the designers vintage roots. I am not expecting that much from this line (although I love the floppy hat).
While I love Target’s ability to get rising design stars to create affordable lines, it does seem that the International part of “Go International” is a bit missing.

Target Go International Designers
Luelly Bartley– Britain
Tara Jamon- Canada/France
Paul& Joe- France
Behnaz Sarapour- American
Proenza Schouler– American
Patrick Robinson- American
Libertine- American
Temperley London– Britain (Holiday 2007)
Where are the Italian designers? Where are the Japanese designers? Who better to do a line of budget swimwear than a fabulous Brazilian designer?


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