Leg Warmers: Yea or Nay

Like that other 80s trend, stirrup pants, leg warmers are finding their way back onto the fashion landscape. Y-3 showed big, bold colored ones on their Fall runway, Lindsay Lohan’s been seen donning a pair lately, and well, heck, you can pick ‘em up now at Forever 21. But should you? That’s the question.
We must admit, they have a tiny bit more appeal that the still-ridiculous stirrup pant. At least leg-warmers serve a purpose (ankles get cold sometimes, right?), and add some texture and color interest to an outfit. Still, while this model looks pretty great in them somehow, most of us would end up looking schlumpy and well, slightly ridiculous. And for those of us that run to the petite side, they cut the line, which serves to make the leg only look shorter. Which would defeat the purpose of all those pointy-toed shoes we’ve collected.
So it’s a nay from where we’re standing (chilly ankles and all)—rock some colored tights instead,  if you want to have some fun. But what do you think?
photo from Style.com


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