Will 2013 Be the Year When Leather Skirts Finally Come Back?

Leather skirts, not a dominant piece among leather fashions on the runways this year, still have made their way to stores for the fall. And it didn’t hurt their fashion cache that celebrities donned one particular skirt this summer. Check out our insights on the leather skirts trend this season!

What You Need to Know About the Leather Skirts Trend This Year

1. Colors: Most of the leather skirts are in basic black, having ignored the trend of bright rainbow colors of leather jackets and leather form-fitting tops in the spring.

2. Length

Leather Pencil Skirt
Some black leather skirts go way high this fall.

Mid-length skirts are an updated look. You can pair this length with flashy or plain flat shoes or with gladiator sandals. This would allow you  to depart from the iconic look: black leather skirt meeting black boots at a mid-knee hemline. The multitude of mini, micro or skate-style leathers skirts and the faux leather seems to have taken most of the color.

3. Celeb Sightings: Sandra Bullock and Ashlee Simpson showed off  the same black pencil midi-length leather skirt by ASOS.

Sandra Bullock


It cost an unbelievably moderate price for the real thing of $150…while they lasted, that is. Quite a coup, since real leather skirts can run as much as several thousand dollars.

4. Faux is Good: No, you don’t have  to put down big money  to get the look. Skirts that are faux leather or PU leather  (that’s reconstituted leather with polyurethane for more shine), look just as chic and sleek as the real thing. There are many styles hanging on the racks in stores for under  $100.

What’s Out There? 

  • Nordstrom has a wide range of faux leather skirts below the $100 mark. Among the choices are  a slit front, faux leather pencil skirt in black, selling for $68, and a Michael Kors snug skirt with ponte knit down the center  and faux leather panels on each side. It’s black and silver with a price tag of $84.50.

Nordstrom skirt

  • While the ASOS celebrity skirt that captivated Hollywood is no longer available, ASOS  has a lot of other offerings. For instance, it is selling a midi PU skirt by The WhitePepper online. It’s black with pleats that swayed from a fitted waistband on the runway.

WhitePepper Leather Skirt

  • Amazon.com offers an array of leather and leather-look black skirts, including a leather mini made of lambskin, at $79.99.

Amazon leather skirt

  • Macy’s has an eclectic mix of faux leather  from mini pleated or flared to at-the knee skirts. All under $100, and most in black except for a tweed faux leather skirt.

Macy's skirt

  • And it seems eBay sellers got a whiff of leather  as a hot item. Under its buy-now postings, there were several knee-length, black-leather,  pencil skirts offered at below $100. The bidding on one leather skirt started at $1.99.

eBay Leather Skirt