Yea or Nay: Lauren Moffatt Coat, $400.40 on sale at

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I’m a big fan of Lauren Moffat. Her urban chic designs that update classics like the military style coat touches my urban-trekker-conservative-socialite core. Even though I love her pieces, her prices tend to be outside my budget (and the budgets of most shoppers like myself).  But….. a winter coat is the one thing (along with a great handbag or a pair of good boots) that I might consider spending a little more money on. In fact, if you’ve always wanted a designer piece, but balk at the prices like me, purchasing a basic winter coat from the designer is a great way to add a designer piece to your wardrobe.

Because a good winter coat will last you several seasons and if you focus on a classic cut you’ll get your cost per wear for the item. Furthermore,  even a basic, non-brand winter coat from Macys now costs $300 and coats at Old Navy are approaching the $100 mark.

Is it Worth it?
So let’s do a cost per wear analysis to figure out if the Lauren Moffatt coat is really worth the price. Remember our goal is to always shoot for less than $3.00 ($2.00 if you can) per wear.

Retail Price: $400.40 on sale
Estimated # times you’ll wear it this winter= 80 days (from Dec 1 until March 15th assuming that we have a somewhat normal winter)
Total Cost per wear=  around $5.00 per wear. So the only way you could even consider purchasing it for a cost per wear of below $3.00, is if you plan on wearing it for at least two seasons or live in a very cold climate (hello Minnesota!). Lauren Moffat is an excellent designer and the coat is lined, so wearing it for at least two seasons won’t be a problem if you remove the epaluets (the military-style straps that are buttoned on the shoulders of jackets and coats).

Lauren Moffatt Coat: Yea or Nay?

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