Fashion Rumors: Lace Gloves and Stirrup Pants

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I recently heard two very disturbing fashion rumors: that stirrup pants will make a comeback next fall and that the Madonna half lace glove is coming back into style. I haven’t seen these trends on anyone yet and both bring me back to my insecure midwestern roots—I had an alarmingly large collection of stirrup pants when I worked at Lerners New York and a black lace glove I wore every day in middle school purchased for $.49 at JC Penney’s.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this possible new development.

What Do You Think About Stirrup Pants and Lace Gloves?

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  • Suzi Hallum

    My opinion is that if you are old enough to have worn the fad the first time, you are too old to wear it when it comes around again. I’ll love buying them for my 10 year old daughter though!

  • Warren O’Leary

    Stirrup pants on normal or lean bodies look super sexy. Men wore stirrup pants in Europe, a good example would be Beau Brummel; too bad fashion is anti-male for the last hundred years. Both Roy Rogers and Gene Autry wore fancy Western wool pants with stirrups to keep their pant legs taut in their cowboy boots , a great slenderizing look. Since the sixties and women coveting menswear ever since, most stirrup pants are found sexiestly only in women’s wear. End sexist tyranny in the fashion industry against men.

  • Stirrup pants and tights look cool on bodies as long as they are not fat, obese, or bullimic skinny. As long as they don;t make them in ridiculous colors and patterns and if the largest size is L (not XXX), they should be fine for both women and men. As for the glove: if it looked cool 20 years ago why not now? Every generation has to have their own fantasy fashion, or a retro fantasy fashion. As long as they don;t abuse it,it should be OK also.

  • sarah

    everyone is sooo wrong stirrup pants are gunna be soo fashionable just u wait and see.

    cmon if u had them as a child they must be sumat right bout them!

  • Danielle

    I am not a fan of “stirrup pants”, but I LOVE “stirrup leggings”  They have to be tight like leggings, and ya, I do love wearing them with flip flops, it’s a cute look, and I get tons of complements!!  =)  Of course, you have to have the right body.

  • Mike

    Thought they looked stylish & sexy on the right figures. I had a crush on a girl called Gillian in the 80s. She looked awesome in them.

  • kate

    well…. i love stirrup pants. i put on an old pair the other day with a great tunic sweater, cute socks and ballet slipper shoes and received many compliments.  they made me look slimmer and smoother.  i plan to get more.
    but…. no glosve for me!!!

  • 80 ’ s stuff and I hope the awsome stirrups come back the legings are everywhere , but I haven ’ t seen any of the gloves I would where them though if I see them , but I don ’ t really want them to come back because I like wearing things that not everyone has or has wanted

  • oozii

    no way, I couldn’t stand the strap across my foot. this would annoy my feet.

  • linda

    I don’t care too much for the stirrup pants, but stirrup tights are super cool!  I want to see a lot of them being worn!

  • Reesy

    I know some women who never STOPPED wearing the stirrup pants so they are going to love this.

  • Tonia682

    I wore lace gloves to my prom in ‘86. This fashion mistake must NOT be repeated!!!

  • Jackie

    Stirrup pants? Ahhh! I have seen the Knee length tights to go under mini skirts at walmart and their alright so long as they are only worn under mini skirts and not by themself. The Stirrup pants though are a fashion dissaster. It makes skinny girls look old and fat and fat girls look even worse… I’m a size 18, I shudder at the thought of me in stirrup pants… even with boots on I still would look like a nightmare in them. The gloves are allrite if your into the punk/goth hot topic look but for everyone else well it would look odd… What would you wear with that? The 80’s look is ok so long as it’s not head to toe and over done. I even heard that the perm is back in style… so be ware, frizzy big hair is back!

  • Cat

    Another one is “shirred” pants, they are at strawberry. One look and I was laughing so hard I nearly peed, and I couldn’t stop laughing people started staring. So these capris had elastic on the inside vertically at intervals so it looks like there are a lot of bubbles or some weird shirring all over it. They were side-splittingly funny. I still smile when I think of them. I wonder if I can go take a picture of them – is it bad to take a photo of an item in a store?

  • Sara

    I for one actually love the stirrup pants. . and they aren’t pants they are leggings. .so they aren’t baggy like the one’s from the 80’s they are like second skin. I actually bought some from F21 the other day and paired it up with a trendy tunic and it looks killer with heels on.  I will totally be wearing the new trend. .it makes your legs look longer and is cute with flats or pumps.  For those that are against it. . take a risk! sorry ladies they are here to stay for the fall 🙂

  • No One Special

    yup, the madonna gloves are coming back! but i’m pretty sure they’ll be short lived because unless you’re doing the whole bra-on-top-of-the-shirt with bleached-out-sideways-ponytail thing and teased-out-bangs, the look doesn’t work! haha oh how painfully hideous are my memories of my short stubby legs in stirrups!!!

  • Laura

    if they do come back, stirrups will & should probably be worn by people who don’t remember them the first time- so basically only 21 year olds!!!!

  • ann

    ok I’m not doing the big hair and neon clothes again… although I have fond memories of high school, my hair would prefer that I never perm it again, and the neon should stay buried with anything madonna wore in the “lucky star” video and anything seen worn at a “hair band’ concert.  However… I must be the only one who doesn’t despise the stirrup pant?  It’s been a (long) while but I thought they were rather comfortable!

  • Debra

    The stirrup pants are all over the Victoria’s Secret Fall Preview.  I have never seen a more atrocious collection of clothing in my life.

    Stirrup pants, pirate shirts, bubble mini skirts that look like someone turned a kitchen garbage bag upside down and pulled the drawstrings, horizontal striped long sweaters, knickers with weird pockets stuck randomly on them, jeans with gray faded denim inserts down the leg, jackets with a jumble of buttons, snaps, material panels, high heeled sandals with colored ankle socks just thrown together with no thought or plan. 

    It’s all a big mish mash that looks like a haunted 1985.  I couldn’t believe it – I had to bring the catalog to show my friends as a conversation piece.  I can tell you this – I won’t be buying a single new piece of clothing this season if this is what’s going to be available.

  • OMG.
    I had about a million pairs of stirrup pants as a child.

    PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    What the hello is wrong with these people??

    Why would you do that to perfectly good fabric???

  • Karen

    Stirrup pants… nightmare waiting to happen…

    Gloves… I heard Beyonce say something on an interview that she wanted her mom to “bring out the gloves and stockings”… So I can see the come back of gloves.  Of course, in this heatwave, the thought is not very pleasing right now.

  • i got some lace gloves at a thrift store a few weeks ago, because they reminded me of my love for madonna , but i wont wear them out of my room.

  • kian

    oh god no. please? no.

  • Jae

    Oh no say it ain’t so!!!  Not stirrips!! Okay, the truth is…I actually thought I was the “shiznit” when I wore them back in the 80’s. LOL!! No one was rockin’ them with as much class as I was. But, once they went out of style, I vowed to never wear them again. I’m sure the younger generation will think they are the newest thing since sliced bread.

    Beyonce’ had the “gloves” on the entire time in her new video “DEJA VU”  SO WATCH OUT FOLKS!!!!

  • charisse

    i had stirrup pants from lerner too!!! haha

  • In the fall preview issue of Victoria’s Secret’s catalog there are stirrup leggings.  Here’s a pic click on my name below to see it.

    They look as awful as I remember, only the stirrup part is wider

  • kristi

    I agree.  No stirrup pants, no Madonna gloves.  Eek.  *shudders*  I too wore some awful clothes in the midwest, and I don’t want to resurrect them now.

  • Gaaak! No Stirrup Pants, PLEASE!!!

  • Jessica

    I’ve seen pictures of Paris Hilton sporting a half glove look here,26335,1133592_9,00.html ugh . . .

  • jennifer

    NOOOOOOOO!  the apocalypse is comming.  LMAO.  If these things (I refuse to refer to this as a style) come back.. then what will I have to make fun of.

    Hey 1980 called they want their pants back!

  • Alma

    All I have to say is that stirrup pants make your body look like your wearing mom pants. Who wants that style back?!

  • Heather Johnson

    I have seen the stirrup pants at a Kohl’s department store I work at. When I saw them it bought back bad flashbacks of my childhood fashion mistakes. So far I haven’t seen anyone buy or ware the stirrup pants yet. So with any luck I and my co-workers who remember this trend will not have to be torchered by a return of the stirup pant.

  • I hope to never, ever see the stirrup pant again in my life!  It wouldn’t have been so bad if women knew how to wear them (i.e. inside of a boot).  This was never a style for me, being that I am 5’9”, they were always to short in the crotch.

  • Beth

    I really hate to see those two fashions come back as I have the 70’s & some 80’s looks that I wore in my also Midwestern pre-teen and teen years. Since I’ve worn them once this lifetime already, I don’t feel the need to indulge in some of the current “fashion”. I personally prefer the Brooks Brothers preppy look with a Chico’s twist. Good basic classics that see you from season to season, that you can wear for years rather than the flavor of the moment from the Fashionistas who never actually have to PAY for their own clothing.

  • Maddie

    there was a 58 page spread in W magazine just of Madonna acting like a horse. Hopefully what you say isn’t true, I dont want to bring the gloves back out again.

  • Daniella

    No! No! No!  Elements of 80s style are fun and youthful.  I love bright colors, bold prints, skinny jeans, etc.  I personally have mixed feelings on the normal leggings that everyone is wearing these days but stirrups is a definite no.  Lace gloves, c’mon.  Where is the line between “inspired by the 80s” and “halloween costume?”

    I’m in college and it disturbs me that I see girls get decked out for “80s night” at the local frat and then wear the same clothes to class the next day.

  • Christina

    I haven’t *seen* anyone wear stirrups yet, but I was in Forever 21 yesterday (I love their dresses), and they were selling stirrup tights along with footless tights.  No sign of gloves, though.

    I love the idea of footless tights with a flat shoe, but I don’t think I can pull it off.  Ah well.  As for stirrups….. no.  Just no.