Yea or Nay: Knee High Socks

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Those of us who attended parochial school probably have nightmares involving knee high socks. However the socks join colored tights as this fall’s biggest trend in hosiery. If you have great legs and are under the age 25, these socks can be an inexpensive way to update your wardrobe. If you’re over 25, you might want to skip this trend (but by all means work the colored tights look).

Yea or Nay: Knee High Socks?

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  • Jennifer

    No Betsey Johnson WOULD look rediculous, she can’t even wear the clothes she designs any more, she’s about same age as my mom who wouldn’t be caught dead in her clothes. And even I can’t wear her clothes any more and I’m just under 40. If you look at the photo of her on the tags on her new clothes, she is really not even wearing anything that looks like most of her clothes, shes just wear plain white tank and cropped denim, no wild pink or leopard, thank god, but she’s still wearing too high heels and the whole outfit is still questionable and if she’s not worried about looking rediculous, then why did they touch up the skin on the photo to make it look young? Then the funny thing is they didn’t do the skin on her face, so her bare chest/arms/legs look 20 and her face 70, it is odd, if you live by a Betsey store they should have the large poster version of this mishap and you will see how awful that looks and even in that photo she looks awful trying to pretend to be young and cute. She should maybe not take any more personal photos and use either old photos on her tags or use a model or drawings/artwork. It is fine if she designs young because that is what she does for her trade, but she shouldn’t pretend that it is for her to wear herself any more.

    I’m not the best with this myself, I am totally attracted to young styles and so I walk that fine line too I think and go thru that heartbreak of giving up something and forcing myself to change, I like the Emma Pillsbury look and I’m trying to pull that off in a way that will be ok for late 30s/early 40s and maybe in a few years I’ll even have to give that up entirely. We get older and it sux.

  • Lisa

    Age has nothing to do with what you “should” or “should not” wear. Fashion is (and always has been) about personal expression and art. None of us are the same in terms of personality, likes or dislikes, so it’s a bit daft to believe that all older women should not wear clothing made for “young people”, or that if someone does, it’s “wrong”. If someone likes over the knee/knee high socks and decides to wear them, then more power to them – no matter what their age. I’ve seen women in their 70’s rock new styles that other people label as “age inappropriate”. Betsy Johnson immediately comes to mind as a stellar example of how fashion is not age-dependent. I have a feeling she wouldn’t have any issues wearing over the knee socks at “her age” if she felt so inclined, and I highly doubt she would look “ridiculous”. You can count me in for a big “Yea”.

  • Maria

    I love the look…..but only for the very young and very thin.  And even then, you have to pull together the style right; otherwise, it looks trashy.  I vote a very cautious “yay”, on the right body.

  • Alejandra

    In response to Rubi:

    I think there’s a certain age for everything, even if you look great! theres nothing more beautiful than women who reaches a certain age and looks beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.  Theres nothing wrong with feeling or looking young, but theres certainly something wrong with wanting to look like a teenager when you are not… it looks ridiculous!

    About the socks, i LOVE them!!!

    and btw… THANK YOU FOR THE MENTAL PIC ABOUT THE PANTIES… now i’ll have nightmares tonight…

  • Ruby

    I just bought 5 pairs of over the knee socks in great colors. I’m 48 and tiny. I’ve always been skinny and I’ve had salt and pepper hair since I was 14 so no one thinks I’m as old as I am. Find your style, one that makes you feel great. And no one said you had to wear a miniskirt or a suit with those socks. You can wear them with long skirts. Besides, what husband doesn’t like to hear you’re not wearing any underwear!

  • Veronica

    YEA! OMG I love knee-high socks.  I wear them lots with skorts and the like.  Good with converse or pumps—they’re attention-getting.  My favorite type of knee socks are argyle brand: I scour the web for them.  But it does depend a lot on how you look b/c I’ve seen girls who shouldn’t even wear anything that shows ankle, let alone knee …

  • Carla

    This past winter, I wore over the knee socks over tights when it was especially cold and Ill do it again. They are also great under pants as an extra layer as another poster mentioned. An extra layer w/o the bulk in the trunk.

  • manasvi

    Wow… that is a long response list… lol

    Well, it doesn’t have to be little girlish, it can be wore very maturely with a shift dress, and black pumps and knee high socks… Kind of audrey hepburn with a twist….

  • sloane

    i would definitely wear this trend, and i’ve seen people wear it already. knee socks with knee length or a little lower than knee length boots look hot. i’m 22 by the way, and i don’t wear many of the things i wore in high school, and i’m sure that 5 years from now many of the things i’m wearing will be excommunicated from my wardrobe. i want to comport myself properly at different ages, and i can’t wait to be 30, because i’ll be fabulous at 30. meaning that i wont be in competition with 20 year olds, because i’ll be sophisticated enough and have enough disposable income that i wont be compelled to dress like one. i also know that i was lucky to be born in a part of the world where i’m pratically guranteed the opportunity to grow older and mature, when others struggling to make it out of infancy alive.

  • Deandrea

    In response to manasvi’s response to TBF’s response to Tanya…

    There are things that you should simply not wear after a certain age, no matter how ‘good’ your body is. You may have the body of a 16 year old, but if your face does not match, you will look like a fool if you dress like a little girl. It’s not a restriction, rather it’s to save you some embarrassment.

  • mocha_femme

    Even if you are in your 30s these are great, you just wear them differently. I wear these under knee-length/long skirts or pants. These are great for the fall weather when it’s too cold to go with bare legs and not warm enough to wear full tights.

  • manasvi

    in response to TBF’s response to tanyas comment…. size has alot to do with how your age is perceived. Don’t we as women put enough restrictions on what we wear. Ex. I’m too fat to wear this. To old, toyoung to wear this. I think that if you like the knee socks look with a pair of black sabrina pumps and an ultra innocent pastel ensemble, go for it!

    I love it, and I can see a very modest and not fetishy way to wear it, instead a sweet trend.

    to julie, I adore the dress. and movie

  • julie

    whenever i see knee socks all they do is take me back to the 90s when babydoll dresses were everywhere and of course my facorite movie ever…CLUELESS!

  • Chicky

    I think they’re really cute with preppy skirts and chunky shoes—On anyone between 16 and 23!  Older than that and it looks as if you’re trying too hard.

  • Henry and June

    For those who aren’t old enough to have worn them before—go for it! Hot! But you talk about knee socks and show thigh highs… two different things, slightly different vibes. Thigh highs- French ‘20s whore or ‘90s grunge queen; knee highs- bad Catholic schoolgirl.

  • Lesa

    Yea-ish. I think over the knee socks can work if you’re older than 25 if you wear something simple,choose a more subtle sock pattern AND wear them over a pair of black or coordinating tights. I think that can be a stylish modern look without coming off like you’re trying too hard to be young or hipsterish.

  • Judy

    Kinda kinky if you like that kind of thing but it would be a nay for me personally.

  • Me oh my! Why is it that every fall of recent memory brings about a new trend that makes me feel older? I remember the over-the-knee socks trend in the fall/winter of 1994-1995. It might have came out a year earlier along with the proliferation of the Kinder-whore (thank you Courtney Love!) trend.

  • susan


  • I see your point TBF. In general, I wouldn’t suggest that anyone over 30 rock the knee sock look. But I think that’s because this trend doesn’t fit the personal style of most women over 30. If knee socks are flattering on you and they fit your look, wear them. But if they don’t look good on you beware, because someone may be looking to make you the subject of their next blog post! LOL

  • I REALLY want to wear the knee-high socks I bought about a year ago that have been sitting in my drawer. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, and I don’t think being 31 had anything to do with it. I guess I wasn’t sure exactly how to pull it off.

  • arlene

    I also went to catholic school, and I couldn’t stand those dumb socks we had to wear.

  • naadii the hottie

    um, i’d say that whether or not these socks are a yea or nay is directly proportional to the size of one’s thighs.  once it starts to look like you’re wearing a rubber band for a garter belt…i say nay!

  • TBF

    it has nothing to do with size and everything to do with age. Not everyone can wear everything and that’s okay. 

    It comes off as if you’re trying too hard to be “young”. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth.

  • tanya

    Being under 113 pounds and 5-foot-2, in my upper 30’s, I’m smaller than the average 25-year-old.  Heck, I’m smaller than the average sixteen-year-old.  I’ll wear what I want, at whatever age I choose, and look better than most folks younger than I am.  Will I try this look?  Maybe, and if I like it, I’ll rock it just as good as everyone else.

  • christal

    Luv the voting !!!!

  • Suz

    So very fetishy even when they’re not over the knee.

  • eulalia

    My fashion sense says “maybe” but my calves say “NAY NAY NAY”.

  • I spent 13 years at Catholic school.  It’s a nay.