Kim Kardashian’s Shoe of the Month Club is essentially a Shoe of the Month Club. For a monthly fee, receive a new pair of shoes in the mail to keep, especially chosen for you. This is the brainchild of Kim Kardashian (Founder and Chief Stylist) and partners Robert Shapiro (of OJ case fame) and Brian Lee, the founders of 

The concept is a little reminiscent of Avelle (formerly Bag Borrow or Steal) the designer handbag rental club; there, you can rent designer handbags for a monthly fee of anywhere between $40 (for a Juicy Couture tote) through $400 (for a couture vintage Hermes Birkin.)  Fortunately, is much more affordable The monthly fee is only $39 a month.  And, you get to keep the shoes.

How It All Works: chooses shoes for you with the help of celebrity stylists such as Kim, professional celebrity stylists, a fashion editor and HSN’s Designer Challenge expert Michael Bassolino.  How do they do this?  First, you fill out a survey to indicate your shoe taste.   Then, after assimilating the answers on your survey, the stylists choose five pairs of shoes for you.  If at any point you are not pleased with any of the five pairs of shoes chosen for you, you can request a new list.  And third, you choose a pair of shoes from the list. The shoes are shipped free of charge.  If you don’t like the pair once it arrives at your door, you can send it back – but you are charged a $5.95 restocking fee.

The Shoe Selection: $39 a month seems incredibly affordable for a pair of trendy new shoes every month.  Since the price is so low, the quality of shoes is a first and foremost concern to us: how can we even conceive of committing before we see the shoes in person, and before we get to try them on?  The majority of shoes come from the Michael Antonio brand “and other stylish, high quality shoe designers.  Michael Antonio shoes are generally very trendy, as they frequently imitate the latest best seller and runway styles.  Some of the most obvious imitations we spotted: the Michael Antonio CHAI Strappy Gladiator Heels, $47.95 versus the frequently copied Dolce Vita’s Chastity, $162, the Michael Antonio Ember Dress Sandal, $27.77 versus the Dior Extreme Gladiator, ~$1000, made popular by Sex and the City movie last summer.  Many of these shoes have “leather-like” and “man-made” uppers – in other words, they’re constructed out of pleather.  Cheap pleather simply doesn’t last long, often scruffs easily, and doesn’t conform to your feet with regular wear as leather does.

The Value: That brings us to the value aspect.  $39 is very affordable. The true Budget Fashionista, however, can find much better deals and much better quality.  Firstly, Michael Antonio shoes frequently cost much less than $39 each – we even found a pair of slinky pewter snake platform heels for only $3.99, and many non-sale in-season styles for under $30.  Secondly, $39 can easily be spent at the sales racks of affordable shoe stores such as Aldo and Nine West, where the majority of shoes are constructed of real leather.

The Style: That leaves the the handpicked, individualized styling of these shoes as the main draw of  Kim makes a great case for the individualized styling which is conducted by her team of stylists.  She enthuses: “It’s like walking into a high-end boutique where you actually get personalized recommendations, while getting a great value for beautiful shoes!”  While we disagree with the value claim, we do see some appeal in the notion of trying out shoes that someone else picks for you.  Often, we don’t know what looks good on us until someone else inspires us.

The Verdict:  Even though the monthly fee is only $39, a closer look at the main brand behind those shoes, however, leaves us wondering about the quality (down with pleather!) and overall value.

However, Kim’s enthusiasm for her stylist team’s desire to style you is appealing.  Kim implores, “We can’t wait to pick out shoes for you! It’s so much fun and what better way to feel fantastic about yourself than letting us pamper you?” That does sound fun… but is it worth potentially being stuck with low quality look-a-like shoes?

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

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    This site seems like a total waste of money. The most I have ever paid for a pair of Michael Antonio shoes was $25.99. Don’t waste $40 on a pair of cheap shoes when you can purchase two pair of much better quality shoes at Dillards on the sales rack.

    I have been considering this idea and my only question was quality and materials. Thank you, you have answered my concerns. I prefer leather and if not leather, fabric but not pleather or other materials… this company may not work for me. I love shoes!! I have a great collection of shoes that I have never paid more than 50 each for with the exception of leather boots and I purchase them all on sales at Dillards, Macys, Victoria Secrets and Steve Madden. I am always checking for leather and generally buy Guess, Nine west, BCGB, Antonio Melani, Steve Madden, Colin Stuart from VS. I could go on, they may not be runway or top designer but they are great quality for a fab sale price.

    I got a pair of Michael Antonio’s on sale for like $13 once cuz my feet were killing me @ an art fair and let’s just say they weren’t much better.

    I LOVE Shoedazzle. The AMAZING customer service makes this club totally worth it. If you aren’t satisfied with your shoe, you can return it Free of charge and exchange it for another shoe or receive a ‘credit’ that you can use next month. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with your shoe selection, the stylists will go out of their way to find another selection of shoes for you. The customer service alone is worth $40 a month. The quality of shoes I’ve received has been amazing, and not all the shoes are Michael Antonio as stated above. Only one of my pair have been, and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere for cheaper.

    I think the author of this article was very biased, as she hasn’t even tried the club. You dont’ even have to buy every month, SO THERE IS NO MONTHLY FEE. All you have to do is press a button ‘Skip this month’ and you’d dont get charged. Easy as that.

    I agree with AJ, I luv the more costly designers and real leather always looks and feels great. However, I am really a fan of the faux idea (as long as they look good and feel ok)… I hate the thought of animals being killed for such a silly thing as “oh I have to have these peep toe’s!!!” bring on the faux…I admire anything that saves a life,our planet,or helps another human being and this service donates to breast cancer and others,
    gives the “not so stinking rich” a cool alternative in fashion (it’s fun),and they even use faux materials which saves lives (animals lives that is)..perfect !

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this or not but after reading AJ and LuvLamb I am going for it! Thanks girls! Let’s not forget, Khole, WOULD RATHER BE NAKED THAN WEAR FUR! I will repost after I get my first pair honestly… Untill then ya’ll have a blessed day!

    I get almost all of my “cute shoes” at Payless, where the BOGO sales generally average out the price of a cute new pair of heels to around $17-25. So, in my mind, the $39, while perhaps a bargain compared to some other deals, is more than what I could pay by doing a little hunting of my own at the mall, as opposed to waiting for someone else to e-mail me with suggestions.

    However, I will say that, as a vegetarian, I no longer wear leather shoes, and I have found some really great, cute, comfortable shoes with man-made uppers that in no way resemble the pleather travesties sometimes spotted in shoe stores. So, the quality really depends on the maker. It just takes a bit of hunting to find a good faux pair.

    im trying to fing the aida shoe form the may collection that kim kardashian had on CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the idea of shoe clubs, and ShoeDazzle is one of my favorites. They aren’t for everyone though. I’ve tried to get a few of my friends into them but they just don’t like the idea. They would rather browse shoes in person than buy online which is fair enough.

    Kim sure has a great taste for shoes! Love their collection!

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