How to Dress Like Kate Middleton on a Budget!

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Five words. Issa London’s Banana Republic Collection. Who can forget that impeccable royal blue that perfectly matched her gorgeous engagement ring?  It was THE dress that had the fashion world asking, “Kate Moss who?” because there was a new English gal in town taking the fashion community by storm.  She had the accent, the chops, the clothes, and the arm candy better known as Prince Wills.

Get Kate Middleton’s Engagement Dress on a Budget!

Kate Middleton Engagement Dress

For wannabe Duchesses, or those of us who just love Kate’s style, the iconic wrap dress that’s forever immortalized in her engagement shots is now available…. again.  At Banana Republic through Issa London’s capsule collection for $130.  Which leads us to our final questions of: Does this dress deserve all the hype, and if so, would you consider buying this dress?