Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge and Style

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Perhaps it’s America’s lack of a royal family, or maybe it’s that dreamy British accent, but we’ve been fascinated, borderline obsessed with the UK royal family since… well, forever. Sure, they make juicy tabloid fodder that keeps the Enquirer in business (Clandestine affair, crazy hats… What more could a gal ask for in her daily celeb gossip?), and plus, it doesn’t hurt that Princes Harry and William are easy on the eyes. (Remember that “friend” in middle school who had stashes of Tiger Beat Bop whatever magazine with Prince Will on the cover? “Friend,” we emphasize.)

A year ago today, on April 29, after years of dating his college honey, Prince Will married Kate Middleton, and now the powerhouse, globetrekkin’ couple is known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We’re not sure exactly what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do, responsibilities wise, but the title sounds uber fancy and proper. Even before her April nuptials last year, Kate has positioned herself as a stylish, could-be-the-queen-of-English figure. Kate’s sartorial choices are meticulously followed and beloved by magazines, news outlets, blogs dedicated to her Highness, and she’s even got her own Style Deconstructed on TBF. (And you KNOW someone has “made it” when she gets her very own Style Deconstructed.)

Long story short, happy anniversary to our adopted royal couple, Will and Kate! Cheers to years of happiness, future babies who’ll finally push the Jolie-Pitt rat pack out of the spotlight, and of course, great fashion choices. Here are our 10 favorite Kate fashion moments to celebrate!

The Duchess of Cambridge and Style