Kim Kardashian talks The Sears Kardashian Kollection

What: Kim Kardashian blogs her excitement about launching the Kardashian Kollection with sisters, Kourtney and Khloe exclusively at Sears in  August. The “Kollection,” produced under Bruno Shiavi, is aimed at customers aged 17-35 and will feature apparel, lingerie, jewelry, handbags, wallets, hats, gloves and shoes.

What Kim Says:

“I’m so excited to announce that our Kardashian Kollection will launch exclusively at Sears in August!!!
We’ve always shopped at Sears, so we thought it was the perfect outlet for the Kardashian Kollection. You guys are going to love it! The collection includes everything from lingerie, clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes and Khloe, Kourt and I each put our own personal style into the pieces so there’s a lot of variety and something for everyone!! You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about the collection this year, so stay tuned!”

What We Say:We can say with 99.99% certainty that the Kardashian sisters have never stepped foot into a Sears. Seriously, the only way to get to them into a Sears would have been to say that “Craftman” was an exclusive nightclub patrolled by paparazzi.

It’s obvious Sears is using Kim Kardashian’s strong brand to amp up their own, at least for the younger generations who probably don’t do too much shopping there. While we’re naturally skeptical of celebrity fashion lines before we see any actual product (just being famous doesn’t make you a good designer). If this goes well, they wouldn’t be the first celebs to launch a highly successful mass-market brand (read: Justin Bieber Nail Polish). Okay, girls, you’ve got our attention – now let’s see some good, affordable design.

Blog Comments

r u serious? how can you say that about them…lmao wow. yes they r famous and the line will sell but they have been working with fashion for a very long time. Kris’ mother own a boutique and they not only have had Dash open for years but they also ran a childrens clothing store. How many other celebs have opened a fashion line and been succesfull. with as much experience that the K sisters have their line will be as if not better than any other fashion line opened by celebs

I, for one, will boycott Sears. Who does this woman think she is, suing a company for using someone who (in her mind) looks like her. The girl is much better looking and more talented then KK. Here’s hoping the Sears thing is a big flop. I have a better idea – let’s all boycott everything Kardashian! Boycott all the advertisers who support these spoiled [email protected]$*s!

Please Don’t Take Sears or Anything Else – Boycott the Kardashians!

We have got to examine what is going on in our society! Someone in the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian made this disgraceful comparison, “This is bigger than when the President came!”

The following wise comments were in the News-Press editorials and they were so true, we had to post them again. We can stop the planned marketing of the Kardass’ useless products. Perhaps the fans reading this will come to their senses, and will help us forward the Boycott efforts:

“Kim Kardashian, of sex tape and reality shows, sure has some ardent fans, and this got me thinking about what it means to be such a fan, and what realization might stop them in their tracks. 1) You are putting your time, energy, into slobbering over someone you don’t know personally, and who likely doesn’t ever want to know you.

2) By making so much of your idol, you are willingly casting yourself as “less than” them.

3) It’s a one-sided relationship. Lining up on the side of the road to gape at your idol passing by only sets you up to eat her dust. Fans may be making her rich, but admiring her isn’t likely to give you her lifestyle—or much else.

Instead of standing by the side of the road could you:

1) Take a class or work on making yourself someone to be respected.

2) Be careful whom you admire because this says something about you.

People are starving in this country and is Kim doing anything to help anyone? No. They reported how many millions they are raking in, but NEVER did they say this money is going to help anyone else. They live in a ME…! ME…! ME…! society.

We call for a BOYCOTT of the Kardashians. Let’s get a petition going, as this outrage has got to stop.

If you don’t like the Kardashians don’t watch the show. Don’t buy their products. E-mail the shopping channels that hawk their merchandise -let them know you’ll be boycotting not only K. products but the channel too. That kept Fonda from hawking her book on Q. Same with the manufacturers of products they endorse like Poise or Sears. Kim Kardashian is a porn star and now serving as a role model for young girls??? Fortunately tThe backlash is starting -some US major news outlets already cutting coverage of this family due to hundreds of negative comments posted.

Many people read some Kardashian crap, get upset with it and swear they’re done with the K family. The next week they’re back,to sit starry-eyed in front of the tv again , watching more of the same crap. Why is this? I believe the producers of today’s crap purposely put it out there knowing that angry people will be sucked back in searching for further crap to get upset about. I believe there’s an old adage that says, bad publicity is better than no publicity. Reading posted comments on any Kardashian-dedicated web site, you’ll find the majority of comments to be negative and profanity laden about the K’s. Their producers love this all the way to the bank. Instead of false threats to boycott these people , viewers should actually do it — I have! I not only stopped watching anything Kardashian, I stopped watching E!Network completely. I will not buy any mag that even mentions a Kardashian.. You will be surprised at the self-satisfaction you’ll feel for doing this. I haven’t complained to their sponsors yet, but I’ll get to that also as I am now boycotting those that I’m presently aware of such as Sears.

I am in a dilemma! I’ve haven’t watched E! for a while, but now I don’t know who the Kardashians’ sponsors are. The only one I’m presently aware of, that I can boycott, is Sears. Oh well! at least I’m doing something. I’ll figure something out.

You are all taking this WAY too seriously.
If you don’t like the shoes don’t buy them.
You obviously have nothing better to do with your time then to complain about something so silly as a celebrity launching a shoe line at sears.

Taylor obviously has nothing better to do with his/her time then to comment about people complaining about silly things…(If we don’t like the shoes, don’t buy them!) Gee! I wish we had thought about that.

Taylor obviously has nothing better to do with his/her time then complain about people complaining about something silly. “If you don’t like the shoes don’t buy them”…he/she wisely advises us. Gee! I wish we had thought of that…What is very obvious is that someone didn’t do too well in school at reading comprehension. I don’t think this last sentence needs any explaining except maybe to Taylor.

Ban the money driven Kardashian brand. The joke was on us all along.

Boycott the K’s = remove greed and narcissism from Sears

Boycott Sears and let them know it. On the Sears web page click contact then write them through their feedback link.

It is as clear as day that SEARS was Suckered like some of the other “famous” people at in “Hollywood” land. Will not support or purchase an “K” items, whether it is K. K.or Gorden Ramsey who forever reason was listed under “K” designs (maybe for KITCHEN, I can only speculate a this point). I will not support any revenue generated by anyone that has the Kardansian name or will I support a company that has been in business for years starting from a catalog an actually has the the best VET book on the market out of publication at this time. So sad. It is like banking on a stock that could go to trillions with the Chris Humphries hype – beautiful babies – baby dept. home decor and furnishing ect. under the K-Dash name. I can tell you that I am out at this time of the whole brand and any store entity that supports this type of behavior.

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