Juicy Couture’s New Plus Size Line

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Juicy Couture, the designer line behind the rise of velour, has just launched a plus size line that is being sold exclusively online at Nordstrom.com. The line is no where near β€œcheap”, but it’s a triumph for plus sized fashionistas because fashion tends to diffuse downwards (meaning the more high end designers who create successful plus size lines, the more stylish lower priced/sale/clearance plus size clothing available).

Now if they could just make more items for petite fashionistas!

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  • Im so glad to hear that Juicy Couture is finally having a plus size in their store they will definatley see the increase in their pocket… Plus size women also want to be in style and wearing everything they see like other women wear. Im only 17 and ive always had trouble findin clothes nice at least and i want to be wearind close that my friends use but unfortunatley i cant because im a plus size i want to shop at hollister, aeropostal, juicy couture, american eagale, abercombie etc but i cant because they dont go that high with their sizes….Everybody comes in different shapes and sizes we dont all look the same so for the designers out their who ever read this your going to have some competition out their in a couple years because i plan on becoming a fashion designer and i will have my brand that will become famous but i will never forget that their are women in this world that arnt skinny i will design for them and many beautiful things for them to be in style πŸ™‚ it will take me a while to get their but i will be an international fashion designer….see u in a couple years πŸ™‚

  • I just received a Juicy sweatsuit size 2x…OMG…It is perfect. I’m 5″10 and the pants fit perfect. One happy girl I tell ya!


  • whitney

    I am plus size and 5’10, and yes, we do need longer inseam pants. :] I just bought the juicy velour jacket, and if you need long velour pants, go to alloy.com, they go up to 3x and 37 inch inseam!

  • LovelyLorna

    i think this is awesome!

  • yes, talls are hard to find as well πŸ™‚

  • bunnybri

    Glad to hear that Juicy is branching out to the plus-size market…I hope they offer more than tracksuits though πŸ˜‰  While you’re listing underserved shoppers, add the “long-legged” group…what I wouldn’t give to be able to buy a pair of pants at Target!