Packing Jewelry in Plastic Sandwich Bag? Not Anymore: Keep Jewelry Organized While Packing for Your Next Getaway!

Confession time: I’m not neat when it comes to packing jewelry for a getaway.  OK, I’m downright careless. While my sandals rest carefully between perfectly folded shorts, my jewelry is another story.  I toss ’em in a plastic sandwich bag, then smush it in my suitcase.

Sometimes I also end up packing jewelry in random spots like a purse compartment and my pocket and… you get my drift.  By the time I reach my destination, it’s Welcome to the Land of Tangled Necklaces and Missing Earrings.


I’m sure us ladies have better things to do on our vacays than deal with kinked necklace chains, right?  Besides, we took the time to find the perfect jewelry for our getaway, so show it some TLC!

Keep it Together, Girl!  Six Ways to Keep Jewelry Organized While Packing

Here are some pretty jewelry rolls and mini cases to consider while packing for that next getaway.  They have a place for everything – sections for rings, spots for bracelets.  Plus, they’re small enough to fit in luggage and look stylish sitting on dresser tops once they’re unpacked.

Have any jewelry packing tips or confessions you want to share?  Drop us a note in the comments section below and let us know what styles here you like.

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