Jennifer Lopez Bodysuit/Unitard: Look For Less

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Jennifer Lopez (aka J. Lo) rocked Times Square and the fashion world with her glittery bodysuit worn during her New Year’s Eve performance. J.Lo’s bodysuit, which brings back memories of Saturday tap class and jazz hands, is just one example of the frantic nature of fashion and retail as it tries to discover what will actually get us to shop again.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Year Eve’s Performance

I first wrote about the emergence of the body suit almost three years ago to this date and you all weren’t having it. While only trained professionals should try J.Lo’s glitter bodysuit look, I suppose of you might consider trying to look out for yourself, so here’s other, non hootchie, ways to wear a body suit:

  • Paired with knee high boots and a denim mini skirt
  • With a slouchy, oversized boyfriend jacket
  • Underneath an oversize sweater (ala “FlashDance”)
  • Under a wrap dress, like your childhood ballet teacher

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  • History1919

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas on how to wear a bodysuit. I actually thought Jennifer Lopez looked terrible in that outfit (nothing to do with her body…we all know she had a great body) and could not imagine how anyone could wear that and feel comfortable. But, your suggestions are extremely helpful. I think it would look great with the boots and mini skirt!