Yea or Nay: J.Crew’s New Store Madewell 1937

What’s up with our favorite stores doing all of these questionable brand extensions? First, Gap, Inc brought us the Anne Taylor competitor Forth and Towne (GOOD). Then our friends at Gap, Inc brought us the Piperlime shoe site (BAD).  Now everyone’s preppy favorite, J.Crew, has a new concept store called Madewell 1937 which is like a cross between Eddie Bauer and Forever 21.

I’m not sure why J.Crew feels that they need to do a “younger” line, especially one full of styles that any teen can scoop up at their local Abercrombie for much less. $100 bucks for a pair of jeans? $150 bucks for a dress? Uh.. No! And the name… Way too complicated… How about just Madewell?

Now in all fairness, I’ve only seen the press materials and have yet to go to one of their stores,  (only two locations- Northpark Center in Dallas and Century City in LA), but I still think that J.Crew should just stick with being J.Crew.

Madewell 1937– Yea or Nay?

P.S. If you live in Dallas and LA, check out the stores and report back to us in the comment section.

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Catherine Brock

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