JC Penney Has New n by Nicole Miller Line Online and In Stores

What: JC Penney is selling a new n by Nicole Miller spring shoe line and we’re all over it.

The Lowdown: n by Nicole Miller sandals and wedges are available in JC Penney stores nationwide and online. The line features a variety of spring looks all under $50, ranging from sizes 6 to 11.

What We Say: We seriously like that price tag and that women with larger feet are included in the line as well. While there may not be a ton of shoes to choose from (and though we have not always loved the Nicole stuff at JCP) the footwear available this season by Nicole Miller is highly versatile and even a few shoes are multi-seasonal – you did get the memo that socks and sandals are now okay, right? Anyway, these are definitely worth checking out. We especially love the white peep-toe wedges, which would look so great with a sundress, jeans…or even just a bathing suit? Okay, fine. It’s not that warm yet.

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