Breaking News: No More Isaac Mizrahi Line at Target

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Yesterday Liz Claiborne announced that designer Isaac Mizrahi, the force behind the Isaac Mizrahi at line, is leaving Target to become the creative director of Liz Claiborne’s better-priced (read: expensive) women’s division.

What does this mean for those of us on a budget? The End of the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line.

While we can all agree that Liz Claiborne needs as much fashionable help as it can get, one still can’t help but to feel VERY sad to see the end of the IM line at Target.  The line was the go to place for fashionable career clothing on a budget for many women and it was one of the reasons behind Target’s success.

So who does bring on next? My thoughts…Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors (who would be an excellent choice), Ralph Lauren

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  • I really miss Isaac Mizrahi at Target. I was able to get many of his pieces on a budget and I have one pair of white slacks that I love. Get this this, these pants have lasted me 3 years, literally. I can not find pants like these anywhere the quality is not like any other. Well I guess I love Liz as well so we shall see what I can find from that line. I miss ya, please come back to target Mr. Mizrahi!

  • ChiIrishGrl

    Well let’s see it’s been a while now and wow Liz is just flyin out the door…uh nope…and IM well I’m sure Liz paid him very well but gosh all that Target money must have been nice too…and the much much further reaching lable capabilities by being at a major mid-market retailer, that must have been pretty sweet too. I would say no, not a real smart move on anyone’s part.

  • TDSollog

    Isaac – Say it ain’t so!!!!! I really loved his stuff! Although I have enjoyed the “Go International” lines, Isaac has been my fave. He will be missed! (sniff….)

  • Tenacious

    I am soooooooo disappointed! I’m an avid Target shopper and IM was the main reason why, I dropped major cash at Target. I can’t tell you how many of his things I have purchased over the years (clothing, handbags, shoes) that have kept me very fashionable and on trend, on a budget. What is a budget fashionista to do?? My first choice as a replacement would be Michael Kors. I love his things I have purchased from Nordstrom….