How To Wear a Crop Top

As a key piece in many of the trendiest looks, the crop top is making a major appearance this summer and you don’t have to have killer abs to rock the look. Check out our tips for rocking the Crop Top fir all occasions.

How to Wear a Crop Top

Daytime, Office Attire

Daytime Office

Don’t forget a sweater or jacket to wear or drape over your shoulders—office buildings tend hover on the cool side so you will be chilly if you don’t bring an extra layer. Try this boxier, more structured crop that’s perfect for the office for $49 from Express. Or, this woven-sleeveless version for just $20 (looks awesome with a textured pant or skirt)!

Athletic. Select a fitted tank or shirt crop that hits at the vertical center of your rib cage (i.e the tiniest part of your waist) and pair it with a high-waisted (and fitted) skirt. For the office, this style looks great with a knee-length pencil skirt and heels to show off your toned legs.

Curvy. The rule of thumb for more curvaceous gals is to make sure the crop top hits at your natural waist (which means your top will be a tad longer than your athletic friend’s choice) on top and a knee-length skirt (or slacks) that also hits at your natural waist. Wear with heels, boots, or heeled booties to gain some height and lengthening.

Petite. Those boxy versions of the crop top? This is for you. Pick a shirt or a more voluminous structured-shawl, and with high-waisted shorts, pants, or a skirt (and heels) you’ll look killer. Since you’re smaller, the high-waist will make you look taller, and you’re figure will really show off the size and style of your top.

Daytime, Weekend Brunch

Daytime Weekend Brunch

More casual versions of your office ensemble but with the same strategies: high-waisted bottoms (whether it’s a skirt, shorts, or pair of pants) for all, and varying lengths of a crop top and fit depending on your shape. This adorable natural/high-waist crop is $39 at Urban Outfitters and perfect for a relaxed occasion. This longer, boxier top is $44 from Urban and hits below the belly button at your waist.

Athletic. For more casual events and settings, show a bit more skin. Try a crop top made of cotton or linen that hits above your belly button, and choose a slouchy, boxier cut in a tank or a shirt. Wear with high-waisted denim, linen, or cotton shorts, pants, or a skirt and sandals (or wedges).

Curvy. It’s fun to play around with a high or perhaps a boatline neckline. Bring the hem of the crop top up and in, and if you wear it with a high-waisted maxi skirt and wedges you’ll add balance and  movement to your outfit which will appear more breezy and casual.

Petite. Boxier, casual styles will drown you, so bring your top up right under your chest. Choose one made of a material that’s tighter and patterned to add some structure and texture so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a sports bra. Try with looser pants or boy-shorts and sandals.

Nighttime, Date

Nighttime Date

Sexier twists combine the flirty-fun of the casual-daytime crop top with the formality of the conservative office ensemble. Consider crossed straps, lower necklines, and angled hems. Have fun with it! For fun with straps, try this criss-cross crop for $49 from Express. Or, this tee-crop with a scalloped hem for $24 from Foreve21.

Athletic & Petite. You can really test out your daring side at night with the crop top. The key to showing skin while maintaining composure is to select darker, more subtle colors and tones (re: not pastel or light cotton) and wear with a more structured jacket and pant or long skirt. Your crop can be fitted or boxy, just make sure that what you wear on bottom is not skin-tight or loose and flowy. Here, heels or wedges or heeled booties are most appropriate.

Curvy. The key here is to make sure you don’t don too much fabric. Try more sophisticated materials like silk, but make sure it’s stitched in a way that adds support and definition to your chest. With high-waisted pants or a knee-length skirt and heels (which also draws the eye to the daintiest part of most any woman) carry a scarf or wrap in case you get cold.