Flashback Fashion — How to Wear Clogs

The clunky wooden shoe didn’t become a fashion piece, though, until the 20th century. Wikipedia reports that clogs began their rise in the ’70s and ’80s, when both men and women starting wearing them — thanks to the wildly popular Swedish pop group ABBA.

2007 Viktor & Rolf Ready-to-Wear

Clogs stepped into the fashion spotlight when they appeared in Viktor & Rolf’s 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection. These designs featured bright colors and intricate patterns. My guess is they would have stolen the show, if the models had not also been wearing metal frames and spotlights.

Chanel SS 2010

The quirky shoe got another prominent designer endorsement in 2010. Chanel’s 2010 SS designers were anchored by modern clogs with platform heels, thick buckles and metal stud details. This style has since been copied by the masses, to the point where you can find cheap versions at Payless every spring.

Styling Clogs Today

Clogs today have two types of groupies. First are the people like Lindsey who need to show their feet some love. Second are fashion superfans who dream of all the different pieces they can wear with a pair of those 2010 Chanels.

When this post originally went live in 2009, we gave Lindsey two outfit options. Both consisted of skirts, tights, cute jackets and, of course, the clogs.

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