How to Shop Walmart

Save Money. Live Better. Dress better? Surprise, surprise: Walmart fashion isn’t an oxymoron.

After dabbling with Target-esque designer collaborations, the biggest company in the world has, for the most part, gone back to its roots of bringing low-cost goods to middle America. Following that mission, there are still some chic finds (but you do have to dig)– at rock-bottom prices.

So leave your style snobbery at home and grab a cart.

How to Shop Walmart

Get to know the store brands

Store Brands Walmart

In recent years, Wal-Mart has really tried to up it’s fashion game. Partnerships with Norma Kamali (which is also available online) and Beyonce’s Mama, Tina Knowles, has brought a lot more style to a place where, let’s be honest, fashion went to die.

With sizes up to 4XL and prices under $20 for dresses and under $50 for jackets, Wal-Mart’s fashion assortment is as democratic as it gets. Labels aren’t terribly important, but becoming familiar with the private label brands can help you navigate. Look for casual basics (plaid button-down shirts and jeans) under the Faded Glory label. For more formal options, George is a British import that features tailored shirts, croc-embossed handbags and belts. The OP (formerly Ocean Pacific) is now available only at Walmart and the patterned tops and cargo pants are designed to appeal to juniors.

The store has revamped the fashion section at select stores, improving (slightly) the fitting rooms and adding wood flooring to the clothing sections. However, many store continue to have a limited clothing section, no Miss Tina or Norma K and limited Faded Glory, full of clothes that would make anyone feel sad.

The Designer Collections

As stated above, the designer collaborations are only in select stores. Norma Kamali’s Walmart collection has fashion-forward maxi-dresses, swimsuits and draped tops, drawing on the designer’s signature minimalist style. Miss Tina’s line is full of body-conscious dresses and printed tees. Before you go searching the racks for the limited stock, you can use the “check availability” feature on the website to locate your size and color choice. You might decide to save your gas money and have an item shipped to you for as little as 97 cents.

Feel the stretch

If you’re a gym rat or a believer in the stretchy-pants lifestyle (which we really hope you decide to leave), the activewear options are plentiful. The Danskin Now line features some modern details like ruching on pockets. Don’t want to bother getting out bed? You’ll be sleeping pretty in pajama pants and sets with stripes, butterflies, hearts for $10.

Try it on

Just because it’s Walmart, doesn’t mean you have to grab and go. The stores do have a few dressing rooms that have to be unlocked by an employee. However the lighting is HORRIBLE and some rooms don’t have mirrors, so make sure you retain your receipt.


Wal-Mart is great place to purchase accessories like tights in basic colors (gray, black and brown) as well as costume jewelry specifically made for plus size women. We found on trend gold bangles for less than $7 for a group of 10. However, the handbag, belt, and hat collections are best left alone.

Be a product junkie

The drugstore beauty products will have their CoverGirl, Revlon and Lip Smacker dreams come true in these aisles. With a wider selection of colors than most competitors, you’ll do well if you’re looking for a exact shade you saw in “In Style.” The same goes for hair products where you’ll find shampoo for less than $2 up to $17 for the pricier bottles from Biolage Matrix and Bed Head.

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