How to Shop Bloomingdale’s

There’s something special about carrying the iconic Bloomingdale’s brown bag. The bag, in its own right, has become a status symbol for great taste. Behind the brown bag is a level of customer service, refinement, and design that every fashionista admittedly craves. Whether we make enough to drop the big bucks or stop in every once in a while for a sale accessory we just can’t seem to live without, Bloomingdale’s has always welcomed us with open arms.

Besides being separated into typical department store sections, Bloomingdale’s, as a luxury retailer, is famous for having mini shops. The store-within-a-store concept is a space for a specific designer, story or trend. Each mini shop is a little slice of that designer’s world plopped right down into your local Bloomies. This means that petites, outerwear, and accessories, by the same big name designer can all be found in the same place. Sections should be equipped with catalogs and label look books if by same (odd) reason you can’t find what you’re looking for. Newly updated Bloomies stores also have interactive outfitting means like touch screen galleries and flip books so you can get your high-tech on.

Unlike other luxury department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s actually has limited time sales in addition to clearance marked-down merchandise. Generally consistent with holiday weekends, the store makes it a point to offer 20-40% off a variety of styles at any given time.
In addition, the store has killer Friends and Family sales, where, thanks to the internet, even those of us who aren’t friends or family can score an extra 20% off purchases.

Be sure to check the pricing on plus size merchandise, as Bloomies does have a tendency to tack on a few (or 50) extra dollars for designer plus sizes. Big name brands’ plus size pricing should be pretty consistent with other luxury department stores, but the designer labels is where they really try to squeeze more money out of their customers. Shop around and check pricing at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, just to be sure you’re not over-paying for anything.

The brand is extremely generous when it comes to coupons or discount codes, and displays one of the strongest social media presence of it’s direct competitors. Facebook pages vary by individual store, but one Twitter page suffices to give sneak peeks of new merchandise, sale updates, in-store DIY events and more. When you sign up for an online account, which also makes in store shopping a breeze, you automatically receive a 10% off discount to use towards your next purchase. The Wish List feature of the account allows us to pick our favorites in advance of holidays and birthdays, ensuring our friends and family can find the perfect gift come that time.


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