How to Make Slip Covers For Pillows

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Pillows are a comfortable accent piece that can unite a room or give your space a quick face lift by bringing in fresh colors and patterns to your room. If you sew, sewing slipcovers for your pillows is a simple process that only involves scissors, your machine and fabric. But if you don’t sew, or don’t have time to sew, don’t feel left out. You can quickly give your pillows a new look in under 15 minutes. Also, did we mention you don’t have to spend a dime?

Fabric (You can use a square scarf, scrap fabric, an old table cloth or cloth napkins as long as the fabric is twice as big as the pillow)
Needle and thread (optional)

Step one:
Lay out the cloth (right side down) and place the pillow on top. Essentially, you will be folding the material over the pillow so make sure there is enough. Cut the fabric down to size.

Step two:
Fold the fabric over the pillow. This is a lot like wrapping a present, so make sure your folds are neat.

Step three:
Fold up the ends, so that they meet neatly in the middle. If you have lightweight fabric, such as a scarf, you can knot the fabric and tuck the ends under. However, if like me, you have a heavy fabric, here is where you sew.

Step four:
Sew the fabric together. Hold the two pieces of fabric and use your needle to make a loop of thread that connects the fabric. Duck your needle under the loop and gently pull up (not too hard). Repeat two more times and you will have a nice strong stitch. Repeat on the other side.


More pillow ideas:

  • Holiday-themed fabric, place mats or stockings can be used to make pillows that will give your home a fun-festive atmosphere.
  • Here is another no-sew pillow cover, with a sassy fringe.
  • Use a fancy broach or safety pin to pin your fabric instead of sewing or knotting it.
  • Try tying your pillow with ribbon to complete the “festive” look.
  • Throw pillows can be expensive. Buy cheap ones at a thrift store and use these ideas to give them a new look and a new life.
  • Throw pillows give a room a sense of comfort. Try putting them in your kitchen, on your patio chairs, or office, to “soften” the look of your space.
  • Short on thread, needles and pins? Use a hot glue gun or hemming tape to bind your pillow covers. Although, keep in mind, those pillow covers won’t hold up in a pillow fight.

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