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How to Make a Christmas Wreath

If you’ve been thinking of one do-it-yourself project for the holidays, look no further. Wreaths are fun and festive, and can be made from just about anything. They offer a great opportunity to show off your personality and put your personal stamp on the holidays. Here are some clever ideas for making your own, whether you’re into the rustic or the retro.

How to Make Your Own Wreath

  • If you have a bunch of scratched CD’s sitting around, just aching for a purpose, we have a great idea of how to put those CD’s to work! Using one CD as the center of your wreath, use a hot glue gun to attach the other CD’s around the edge to form your wreath. Once you have the basic shape, you can decorate your wreath by gluing various other sundries such as ribbons, glitter, pom pom balls, etc.You can make a wreath from wrapping paper. It’s festive and it gives you something to do with all those scraps of leftover paper other than throwing it away.
  • Similar to the picture, you can use pine cones to make a wreath. Especially if you live in an area where pine cones are plentiful, you might as well put them to use!
  • Styrofoam donuts can be purchased at craft stores and used as the base of almost any type of wreath. Let your imagination soar. By using floral wire, you can attach almost anything to your Styrofoam donut. For a natural look, take long pins and poke them through individual cranberries, securing them to the Styrofoam until the entire wreath is covered with cranberries.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, use a plethora of wrapped candies along with a wire hanger to make a candy wreath.
  • If you live in a realllllly cold area (and we’re sorry if you do) then we’ve got a wreath that will warm your cockles: ice wreaths! The instructions from Resurrection Fern are easy to follow and the end result is gorgeous.
  • Ornament wreath. One wire hanger, a bunch of colorful Christmas ball ornaments and a little hot glue is all you need to make an inspired wreath.
  • Ribbon and wire is all you’ll need to make this festive ribbon wreath from Sunset. We like this one because you can choose the color and design on the ribbon to show your personality or to match your décor.

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