How to Make a Ribbon Chain Headband

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Need a chic way to hold back those pesky bangs you are trying to grow out? Here is a fab looking headband you can make in a couple simple steps!

How to Make a Chain Headband

Chain Headband
1 ft of chain (can be purchased from your local hardware store)
1.5 ft of ribbon
An elastic hair holder

Chain Headband
1. Open the end links on each side (you may need pliers for this) and slip the elastic hair holder into the link and squeeze closed. Try the headband on at this point and make sure it fits snug on your head. If not, adjust by removing links.

2. Thread ribbon through each of the links- going over and under each link. Tie the ends of the ribbon to the last link on their sides and you are ready to wear.

Use any color you want! I chose silver chain and gold ribbon because I love mixing my metallics so I can wear with everything.

Chain Headband

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