How To Make A Braided Belt

I am always looking to JCrew for inspiration, and after seeing this picture from their lookbook I knew I had to whip up my own braided belt to cinch layered outfits this Fall.

Braided Belt DIY
Twine (from Home Depot or any hardware store)
Ribbon (from Micheal’s or any craft store)

Braided BeltHow to make:

1. Measure by wrapping the twine around your waist 3 times, after the belt is made this will give you enough length to loop around your midsection twice and tie with a little extra to hang.
2. Cut three pieces of twine and one of ribbon, all the same length.  Knot all four at one end and  start to braid like you’re braiding your hair, adding the ribbon to one of the twine pieces with each turn of the braid.
3. When, you’re finished, Knot the braid at the other end and now your belt is ready to wrap around your waist!

Braided Belt


Try doing this with leather, all ribbons, chain or scarves for different looks!

For more do-it-yourself projects check out Jenni Radosevich’s monthly DIY column in InStyle magazine, and on her website

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