How to Make a Bow Belt

Give shape to any flowing dress by cinching your waist with a bow belt (like our girl Scarlett J). Make your own bow belt with a bit of metallic detailing, using our instructions below:
Bow Belt

2 yards of black satin ribbon
1 yard of metallic trimming, get creative and find fun materials at your local fabric store
Multi purpose glue

Bow Belt

How to make:
1. Cut the metallic ribbon to the size of you waist or a little shorter depending how tight you want the belt. Keep the black ribbon long so you can tie into a bow.
2. Glue the metallic material to the black satin a couple inches at a time. Make sure to secure the corners at both ends with glue.
3. Let dry for an hour

Bow Belt

For more do-it-yourself projects check out Jenni Radosevich’s monthly DIY column in InStyle magazine, and on her website


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