Winter Fashion: How-To Layer Without Looking Like a Marshmallow

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The snow, wind, and rain is here which means it’s time to dress warmly — but for a winter novice like myself, I’ve recently realized that I don’t quite know how to properly layer without looking like a marshmallow. My instinct is always to pile a coat, sweater, and a long-sleeve on top of a tank top in order to brave the elements, but this makes me look like a ten year-old marshmallow.

Luckily, this winter I’ve decided it’s time to grow up and layer like a fashionista. Here’s how you can too in just – easy steps.

How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather

1. Start with a Second Skin. Depending on how close to zero outside we’re talking, start with a stretchy tank top or long-sleeve shirt. This is a great way to trap in heat without adding bulk. My favorite first-layer tanks, tees, and longsleeves are at Gap  for $15.99 and under.

2. Add the Insulation Layer. This should be of a heat-generating material, like fleece, thick flannel, or even sweater. I love everything at Uniqlo, especially the fleece and other heat-trapping pieces that add warmth, not bulk. Consider one from this range of shirts, vests, pull-overs, and zip-ups for $19.90 and under.

3. Add the Outer Shell. Go for waterproof and insulating, this should be your sturdiest piece. I love coats that have optional zip on/off hoods and deep pockets. I just bought myself this Down Jacket from H&M for only $40.

4. Accessorize. Last but not least, don’t forget you can always add a scarf, hat, and gloves. Trapping in heat from where it most easily escapes (your extremities) is another fantastic way to stay toasty throughout the day and night. Check out American Eagle, which tends to have everything ranging from basics to more festive pieces like earmuffs and holiday patterns.

Did these tips help? Let us know in the comments!

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