How To Bargain Shop Your City

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In case you missed it: even if you’re queen of the bargain in your town, you might learn something new from The Budget Fashionista’s tips on how to shop your city. We covered four big cities:

How to shop New York Sample Sales: This city is the absolute best place to score at sample sales.  Check out our handy month-by-month guide of designer sample sale dates, so you can plan waaay ahead to sink your teeth into an Hermes sample sale (March) or the big Nordstrom Annual Sale (July).  Pop quiz: when is the Christian Louboutin sample sale most likely to be?
Where to visit in Los Angeles: In the mood to hunt?  We have a little list of little-known places where you could score a great outlet deal or bargain find.
Bargain Shopping in Las Vegas: Ahh, of course… the outlets. (Skip the Forum at Caesar’s, unless you’re just peeking in windows!)  Did you know there are multiple places to hunt for discounts?
Where to shop in San Francisco: This hipster city has more to offer than just Market Street (home of a huge Forever 21, Saks, many shiny boutiques such as Bvulgari, etc.)  Head to Haight-Ashbury instead, and go to our favorite stores to score some totally unique and budget friendly boho styles.

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  • Jasmine

    How about shopping in cities such as Washington, DC…we have some trendy spots out here with the extra trendy price tags to match (i.e. Georgetown).

  • Karen

    Love your site .Could you tell me how to hunt down bargains in Chicago ?

  • adrienne

    Great tips! I’ve always been on the look-out for <a href=”“>great products</a> with great bargains and your post makes my search a lot easier.

  • Olette82

    I would love to see one of these for Charlotte and Atlanta : )

  • ahutton61

    YEAH! and Colorado, Denver in particular.

  • ford

    hi.what about philadelphia???????????

  • soliskm

    how about in Houston???? :[

  • sari

    hi i’m from israel and will be in ny for a few days(next weekend) and would like to know where there are sales and good deals to buy clothes that are not too expensive?
    also in wil be in las vegas in the middle of july so if you could give me ideas where ther are sales etc.?

  • Fashionmom

    Is there anything about st. Louis?

  • brandyu

    What about your hometown Kathryn, Minneapolis, for us midwesterners?