Summer Fashion Advice & Tips for the Hot Weather

We’re smack dab in the heart of the scorching summer season, when our tans are back and free-time activities in air-conditioned restaurants, bars, shops, theatres and museums are the recreations of choice. It’s the perfect time to solve some of your sweltering-weather wardrobe issues with tips that will help you deal with them in style.

Hot Weather Fashion Tips

Problem: It’s 100 degrees outside but 70 degrees inside.



You know it’s officially summer when the air conditioner at work is finally on full-blast. However, there’s nothing like stepping out of your home in a sleeveless blouse and feeling “just right” then getting to your desk and absolutely FREEZING.

Solution #1: Keep a shawl or scarf at your desk. This Geo-Striped scarf from GAP for $29.95 is a great example – choose a simple color and pattern so it will go with pretty much any outfit. Wrap around your shoulders or drape across your legs.

Solution #2: Bring a 3/4 length sleeve cotton cardigan. Covering your arms and shoulders will help keep the goose bumps at bay, and the 3/4-sleeve “light” sweater will do the trick. Seek “fine knit” for when looking for a light material – like this one from H&M  for $19.95.

Problem: Office-appropriate footwear.



Unless you work at home, you probably can’t wear flip-flops to work. But what’s worse is ruining boots or heels with super-sweaty soles. Luckily, there are options like wedges and airy flats to save the day.

Solution #1: Wedges are here to save the day. The lift gives that necessary element of “dress-up” you need for the office, yet the variety of materials and sandal-styles they come in make them the go-to option for your summer wardrobe. Try styles like these roped wedges from Zappos for $49.99.

Solution #2: Breathable Flats. Also easy to walk in, flats made from light-weight material (or with a cut-out design) match your trousers and skirts with ease while still letting your feet breathe a bit. Keep an eye out for material that’s “perforated” (tiny holes) – like these pointy flats from Nordstrom for $24.97.

Problem: Finding a summer dress that doesn’t flaunt your bra straps.



While the “less is best” motto tends to prevail, it’s really hard to find summer dress that you won’t have to buy a new bra to wear. However, there are several companies that always offer dresses with thicker straps or sleeves so you can get some sun without feeling too revealed.

Solution #1: LL Bean offers a variety of dresses that look like shirt or sheath styles (translation: thick sleeves or straps). Linen often comes in styles that won’t show off your bra straps – like this linen dress for $49.99 that is structured to sit tight on your shoulders.

Solution #2: Modcloth also offers a huge collection of dresses of a variety of lengths that will keep you completely covered. I love this style – it shows your shoulders, yet will never let your bra strap slip. This dress here is $49.00 and comes in classic summer tones.


Problem: You like your arms, but not your legs.


Maybe they seem pale, or perhaps you’re just in the mood to cover up. Still, you need to keep cool, so consider a long skirt or pants. The key with being comfortable while still fully covered means you should select fabrics that won’t trap in your body heat like linen, cotton, or silk. These styles all look great with a tank, tee, or light blouse.

Solution #1: Long skirts – like the bottom half of a maxi dress – or even a maxi dress – is a great choice.  GAP always makes lovely maxi dresses and full-length skirts in a variety of fabrics like this Trapeze Midi Dress for $41.99.

Solution #2: Pants – definitely make sure to choose a pair that fits right. Not too tight, but certainly fitted, lets a bit of circulation happen throughout the day. Most popular are the cuffed silk pants – you can wear these absolutely anywhere if you dress it up (a blouse and heels) or down (sandals and a cotton tank). Check out Old Navy – they always have a range of pants that come in different materials and cuts (i.e. long, ankle, regular). This pair with a drawstring is very hot-weather friendly for $29.00.



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