Beautify Your Home with these 7 Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Green grass! Blue Sky! Bright sunshine! In summer, I tend to leave the house first thing in the morning to soak in the beautiful surroundings and I spend as much time outdoors as possible.

But at the end of the day, home is where the heart is, so why not let that sunshine in? Create an extension of the summery outdoors to our inside abodes? I’ve been tinkering on my little ways to beautify my home for summer and here are my top seven all seen from my home; please feel free to share your tips too!

7 Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

1. A Sunny Kitchen.

When I first moved in to my house my kitchen was painted…wait for it…dark grey! It was ultra-mod and chic but, oh-so depressing! I wasted not one second before covering the walls with a buttery yellow. The color brightens the space and bounces light around the room to make it even lighter.

Next step, eliminating all window coverings to maximize the sun. I use limes, lemons, veggies and fruit, and mini lemon trees as decor–all that life in color spells out S.UM.M.E.R.! (and my lemon tree may never bear a single lemon but it still looks cute!)

Finally, some cheerful French country accents like roosters imply that the farmhouse where the eggs I’m eating for breakfast may be just steps outside the door.

2. Summer Toiles.

Pastel blue and toile, one of Marie-Antoinette’s designing obsessions lightens a room with an airy feeling. With white accents to the baby blue, this room has a French seaside feel!

 3. Surround Yourself with Tropical Destinations. 

It may only be oil on canvas, but every time I pass Rio de Janeiro on my wall, I feel that Brazilian sun even in my hallway.

4. Summer Reading. 

Summer Reading

Creating bookshelves in your house is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact. Hiring a contractor to do the job ensures it will be perfect and the job will be so easy for him/her that it will also be easy on your pocketbook! Choosing light color shelves (in my case white) keeps the dark library feeling out of it and instead spells Summer Reading!

5. A Terrace Oasis.

Creating an outdoor oasis is essential. Whether you have a teeny tiny balcony, a yard, or a porch–make it as homey and comfortable as possible. Choose chairs that encourage lounging so you can wine and dine and entertain outside…I take my coffee and breakfast here, my lunch, my dinner, my wine…you get the drill. No outdoor space? Then make one by your biggest window!

6. Consider Carnations. 

Look, I wish I had a budget for fresh, designer floral arrangements replaced every week, but I don’t. So you know what? I fill my spaces with carnations. Who says carnations are cheap? Not me, they are beautiful and they outlast just about every other overpriced flower! Most importantly they bring the summer in.

7. Sheer Possibilities. 

Sheer Possibilities

Perhaps the fastest way to lighten up your home (besides paint color) is with window treatments. I use sheer white curtains on nearly all of my windows. In rooms that have little natural light, I had vintage frosted glass designs placed inside doors to leak light–the result? Beautiful, interesting, bright! Here, a windowless bathroom gets a little help from the bedroom on the other side.

Share with us your own home decorating ideas for Summer in the comments below!