HM’s Super Cute, Super Cheap Dresses (We’re talking under $15)

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Have you checked out HM’s new online website? If not, you might want to head on over as the non-ecommerce enabled site (they taunt us) is featuring a collection of knit dresses for under $15. HM, which has always been a bit higher on the fashion totem pole, than say, our beloved Forever21, now has a collection of work ready knit dresses for well under $20 (and a solid collection of dresses in the $30-$40 range).

Now, if only they could get the US e-commerce site working (come on.. hire the people who did Zara’s site).

Check out the HM Dress Collection

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  • Eileen

    Please get that e-commerce site working… pretty please!!!

  • AC

    H&M not too long ago opened in my hometown! I had never gotten to shop there before and didn’t know they had such affordable items! Love these dresses!

  • right??? where’s the US shopping site, like what is up with that? They have such cute stuff but i can’t usually get downtown to shop at the good store so I end up missing out on it

  • JaneJetson

    Very cute and very tempting. I am having a hard time staying away from cheap, “disposable” clothes. Any idea if this stuff will hold up for more than a year quality or style wise? I am temped.

    • TBF

      @JaneJetson we’ve seen the pieces and they’re surprisingly good quality

  • great tip for a perfect dress on a very low budget