Hell or High Waisted Jeans?

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Yep . . .you heard right . . . break out the mommy jeans, the high waist is back. I have mixed feelings about the re-emergence of the high waisted jean. On one hand, high waisted jeans help cover the extra lovin’ most of us have in our middle section and have the power to stop the current crack (butt, that is) addiction sweeping the world. On the other hand, many will see this as the okay to pull their Sevens up to their ears and to bring back the dreaded stone wash jean.

P.S. It’s strange that high waisted jeans become “hot” after Britney Spears becomes a mom? Coincidence? I THINK NOT! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

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  • Dixie

    The high waisted tapered legged jean make anyone look long and lean. Unless you are pencil this, do not wear hip hugger jeans! Anyone with a bulge here or there, you will just intensify your hippy bumps and bulges…..and look even more frumpy and chubbier! Not a good look!

  • Tabitha

    Ugh, I hate this look. I remember in the early 80’s the high waist was still in and for us short waisted gals that was a nightmare! Fortunately low waists started coming into style by early 90’s and I finally got to feel like I had a waistline!! Not to mention everyone’s butt looks long and flat in mom jeans. It’s a fashion no in my book.

  • Holly

    Ladies, listen to the man who commented here. He is right. No matter what you have been brain-washed into thinking… low-rise jeans are NOT flattering on you unless you are literally as skinny as Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn in the 50s and 60s. High waists are FAR more flattering, and the ones coming back in style are NOT “mom jeans.” When you see women out there rockin these you are gonna be jealous and want a pair because they really show your waist and make your butt and bust and all your curves looks great. I just got my second pair, this one is from Arden B. They are super high-waist and look HOT and trust me there is nothing “mom jeans” about them. The other pair I have is from Gap… they are also very curve-hugging and hot. I think it’s funny that a lot of people have such strong opinions about a style they have never actually tried on.

  • Danielle

    I have been looking for jeans everwhere. I am a little on the chunky side so i want some what of a high waist jeans they fit better for me. I actually found a pair of jeans i liked but they only problem is they are low raise jeans. Is there anyway i could fix them to make them high waist? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • lclollypopgirl


    I am L-O-V-I-N-G the high waisted trend. i especially like it in shorts and skirts and nice trousers. im not as big on jeans because not many people can pull them off and i haven’t seen many high waisted pairs that are cute. But they are sooo retro and make you look curvy and put together. I hope it stays in for a long time so high waisted items will be available!

  • bridgette


    I absolutely love these jeans. I have a pair and they are so comfortable while looking so stylish.
    Im glad that a higher waist is coming back in to style because im tired of seeing *plumber’s crack*

  • hd


    “Hardly a flattering, balanced, beautiful, classic look.”

    I don’t what you’ve been smoking, but have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe in jeans like this?  River of no Return, with Mitchum. rrrrrrr…. she gets the motor running.

    I’m a guy and am sick of looking at the “muffin top” and “plumber’s crack” fat ####### who pour out of too-tight clothing.  it says one thing: “I am low class.” i swear women need a high school class in how to dress.

    high-waisted covers a multitude of imperfections, is very elegant and classy, and is sexy as anything.

    and fyi:  the classic female body form is full-hipped and somewhat small-breasted.  look at any sculpture or painting from the classical period to see.  and believe me, it still works!

  • ahhh


    I am happy my waist band doesn’t dig into my ribs when I sit down or bend over like it did in the 80s yet I am as tired of the ring of fat “life preserver” look as the next person. In my eyes even Scarlet looks like she is all hips and no boobs in those pants.  Hardly a flattering, balanced, beautiful, classic look.

    Now with the high waisted pants, women will begin to look pear shaped instead of the apple shapes they are now and neither are desirable.

    So if you can wear them without looking like you have a big, long butt then more power to you.  But just make sure you look carefully and objectively in the full length mirror before subjecting the rest of the world to this “new” trend.

  • sdot96


    I love the high waisted trend.  I hope it sticks around for a few seasons.  I have some junk in my trunk and high waisted pants are oh so flattering.

  • Long Woman


    As a woman with a slim figure and a long torso, I *long* for the high waisted jeans to return.  I’m tired of looking like a bell!  And where are the jeans that are made of real heavy duty cotton material?  I’m not sitting around on my ____ all day…I’m out living (and tired of these cheapy jeans tearing at the seams!)  Anybody else agree?

  • Kate


    You are all completely out of your minds!!!!!!!!!!!!The high waisted Jeans are the best thing to ever happen to women!!!!! They hide the unwanted tummy,by acting as a friendly sillouhette…I am sorry but for those of you who said real women have curves. I agree, and all the better to show your curves gracefully in high waisted jeans rather thann looking like a 2 dollar hooker with a muffin top in low rise jeans.

  • kandi


    As a girl with a behind and small waist I love high waist jeans. I’m so tired of half of my butt being exposed in lowrise jeans! I just bought a pair today at Old Navy for $20 and I intend to rock them!

  • ctina


    I just wore my cute old navy high rise jeans with a cute top tucked in last night …. To the bars …. I live 40 minutes north of San francisco in the wine country ….. I got a ton of compliments from men and women who loved the jeans… They where the best 25 dollars I have spent pair um with some cheep peep toes from marshels or ross ……super cute!

  • Carla


    As someone with a size 6 hourglass figure, I cant wait to try them on though I have a hard enough time finding “regular” jeans and pants that fit w/o spending extra money to have them taken in. 

    I think for me, high waist, wide leg in a nice dark wash is best. No tapered leg pants here!

  • loz


    Hi waisted skirts sexy, gorjust and oh so flattering!

    I waisted pants & trousers can look very nice and sophisticated and are good for a nice change.

    High waisted Jeans – Hell no! Oh so horrible!!!!

    High waisted shorts & Denim shorts just as bad!

    Please get rid of this bad fashion come back!

    I’m laughing at everyone already who has taken on the tread and those who do will also be laughing 10 – 20 years from now.

    We all said one thing that will NEVER EVER will make a come back was High waisted clothing and here it is.

    Will we ever learn?

  • Marlene


    I would much rather have my rolls tucked into my jeans than hanging over the top hense the “muffin top” syndrome. You should try them before you knock them. They actually flatter the full figure!

  • Melanie


    All hail the high(er)-waisted straight leg jean.  Finally, a style that I can wear that doesn’t leave a gap at my waist large enough to hold a small child, koala-bear style 🙂  I have hips – not gigantic, but I had a baby, so there are hips.  And, I have a long, relatively small waist and short legs.  So, low rise jeans made me look like a garden gnome.  NOT attractive at all…

  • Kyle


    “why would you want to wear something so unflattering?”

    Because not everyone finds it unflattering.

  • cece


    I think high waisted pants look ridiculous in real life.  Higher skirts are okay, but why would you want to wear something so unflattering? I agree, too-tight super low jeans are not attractive either, but high waisted trousers is one trend that should stay in the back of the closet.

  • clover


    The jeans look good on Scarlett – but I fear that my wide-set hips will just be accentuated by a cinched waist. Hmm. It is a very Marilyn look – maybe I’ll try some on.

    OT, please someone give Scarlett a black bra to wear under her sheer black shirt. And if not a black one, at least give her a sexy one. C’mon now…

  • jay


    Where to get them?

    Try Ebay.

    The best ones?

    Topshop highwaist drainpipes

  • >

    i love it i love it i love it!!!



    I’m so glad that high waisted jeans are coming back. I am so tired of seeing everyones love handles and cracks. Unless you have a model figure, I don’t think low riders are attractive, or comfortable.

  • >

    I personally wear vintage clothes often, So i am THRILLED that the NATURAL WAIST is coming back!
    I love the look of 40s and 50s pants, and skirts.
    I wear all kinds of skirts at the natural waist and I love em!

  • debbie


    i really really love high waist skinny jeans and im only 14! i love the way it shows the curves of the woman n how it makes the person look stunning and beautiful with out lookin skanky . it really brings out the beauty of the person.as people always say “less is more”





  • Trisha


    I love high-waisted denims, dresses, and skirts, I think they hide a middle ( which i have) and make you look cool and hip! This new trend is one of my favorites!

  • Bianca


    I agree with that girl Sarah way at the top. I’m 15, 5’ 10”, and weigh 90 pounds. I wear a size 00. I just got the cutest high waisted shorts from Arden B. They make you look like you have curves, and for someone who doesn’t have any curves praises this product.

  • Nuala


    I love the high waisted.
    They make your stomac flatter and your legs longer! Whats not to like?
    And i must say, i am not a very curvy girl natrually, i am long and thin but high waisted makes me curvyer. I love it!

  • Hannibal


    Speaking as a guy, I vastly prefer high (natural-waisted) jeans on a lady. As so many have already said, they accentuate a woman’s curves and nicely flatter her bottom. Hip-huggers look dumpy to me, and they flatten the fanny way too much (just like the way-too-tight early 80s jeans did, even though they were high-waisted). My wife wears high-waisted jeans, and occasionally mid-rise. She tried the hip-huggers once, and neither of us liked the way they looked on her.

    By all means though, a woman should be free to wear what she wants. This is just one guy’s opinion on what he likes to see.

    And yeah, I’m in my mid-30s…part of the 70s and 80s generation that grew up watching B.J. and the Bear, the A-Team and such. 😉



    Where Do You Get High Waist Jeans?



  • nomoreboybutts


    All I have to say about low-rise jeans is…BOY BUTT.  Ladies, we are supposed to have nice, sexy curves.  The low-rise jeans just squish your butt flat.  They are so NOT flattering.  The stretch added to the denim makes them that much worse. It would be great if we could look like we had a waist again.  I sure hope normal jeans that accentuate the butt & waist come back!  Do you low-rise lovers ever look at your butt in the mirror with these jeans on?  They look ridiculous.  We don’t need our jeans up to our boobs, but they do need to cover butt-cracks.  I am thin, I like jeans that show the shape of my butt…not distort the shape of my butt.

  • jobee


    i LOVE this look! just bought some myself, they have reinvented my wardrobe. i can now wear checekered shirts without looking all emo, and i feel instead very 1950s! theyre probably not for everyone, but i love how curvy they make u look. i do not have a wasp like figure but it doesnt matter to me! i think if u have the confidence u should go for it – why not?

  • heather


    im 27 and i dont have much when it comes to boobs and butt. even though i feel sexy + comfortable with my ‘boyish’ figure in my super ultra low risers, theres something about my new high waists and a padded bra that makes me feel like i was born to strut. if your gonna wear high waists, you gotta rock em…super sexy, but keep em for a more ‘high maintence’ look, otherwise, they will definitly look frumpy and outdated.
    we CAN LOVE BOTH STYLES girls!

  • **high waist needs a comback!**


    I’m sick of not finding jeans. My last pair wripped (is that how you spell it?) and so im on the hunt for new one – i have been searching for weeks and my deadline is thursday as im going on a school trip to Paris. The high waist dont let the extra weight i carry around become an issue – the low ones either dig in or look awful….can i ask WHERE CAN I BUY HIGH WAISTED ONES and why do the big shops no longer stock them??

  • cs


    What brand are the scarlet jeans?

  • cs


    Tell me what brand is those scarlet jeans?

  • DBee


    I bought a pair of Acne jeans earlier this year from Liberty and I live in them. Long live high rise!

  • DBee


    I bought a pair of Acne jeans earlier this year from Lberty and I live in them. Long live the high rise!

  • Melody xx


    I love these jeans! i have a pair just like them…they make you look thinner and are going to be big this summer. i totally disagree that people just go along with what the stores sell…people have their own style and if people want to dress like this – let them!! if you dont like these jeans…why are you on this webpage???
    Mel xx

  • Olivia


    I think this high waist jeans, or anything are gorgeous, so preety. You can see more details in the top side, it shows a more femenine figure like pinup girls. They have all my support!

  • johnderella


    Honestly girlies, i think this is ridiculous… i mean, doll faces, who DOES look like scarlett johanson? not me, and i doubt many of you. not all of us have perfect curves and yet no fat. not all of us think thats amazingly sexilicious.

    If you wanna look like my grandma, then yes, do wear those. i like my good old low-ies. the zippers and buttons dont make annoying bumps in your shirt.


  • kam


    where can i get some?

  • Jolie


    Come on people.. it is simple! Remember this.. Low rise or high waisted doesn`t matter, it will always look good on a girl that looks good. That`s all folks!
    I am looking through the web to buy a pair of these jeans.. I`m an early trend adopter so pleeease stop with the comments about your fat belly or butt and give some useful infos next time. If you don`t like something just move on.

  • Michelle


    i think high waist jeans are great, it just takes a certain body type to rock them. and finding what height is best for your body. but before everyone jumped on the skinny leg train alot of people hated them too. and look everyone and their mother is wearing them, so dont knock till you try them. and again they are not for everyone just a warning.

  • Drew


    I’m guessing all of you that are promoting this horrendous look are about 35 and missing/yearning for the 80’s look that you were into during your formative years. From a younger guy’s perspective, I don’t need to see how many babies can fit between those hips. And believe me, I enjoy curves, but flattering curves, not 1800’s “how many kids can I get out of this woman” curves.

  • tania


    I LOVE THE HIGH WAISTED JEANSS!!! I have a pair and i’m in love with them.I have a curvy body and it looks good

  • Charles


    For all the fashioned informed, fashion comes in cycles.  Low-waisted jeans are nothing new, as they were worn by the hippies in the late 60s and early 70s and they were called hip-huggers.  Wherever the girls like it or not, the high-waisted IS the next trend as I’ve seen the change to notice that the waist is slowly rising.  I’m sure that by late 2007 or early 2008 ladies will all be wearing high-waisted pants, jeans, skirts, ect. and all them will be on boards like this bashing the low-waisted jeans.  Celebs are already giving them the go, so don’t rule out that more stars will give them the go in the next months.  I’m sure if Britney Spears appears tomorrow on the web or in a show on TV wearing a couple of them, you ladies will be running the next day to the store to buy that exact pair.  So never say never.

  • >

    Scarlett looks gorgeous. Not everyone can pull of this look, and not every one who wears it succeeds at hiding their “love handles.”

    In black Dahlia, that was her style. She made it look fantastic!

    And noooo…we should not bring it back!!!..I don’t want to walk around more fashion chaos!!!

  • mel


    frankly, scarlett..

    you have proved what we already know, in our heartofhearts.. high waisteds, esp. skinnys, are for the flat tummied and slim legged, not for you and not for many of us.

    this look adds or can accentuate gorgoeus curves, some of us have all the curves we can handle. and don’t think because you’re curvy youre j-lo; you aint.

    meaning, if you didnt look good in last year’s skinnys, the higher rise aint helpin your cause!

    but as fiona apple once said, go with yourself! you(should)know whether a pair of jeans makes u look you look voluptously gorgeous or like a fat mess.

    best regards!

  • amy


    I think they’re fabulously 1940s. They suit a woman with real curves and a real WAIST. Sadly these days people seem to have forgotten we’re supposed to go in at the middle!

    Scarlett looks gorgeous.

  • Zelda


    I hate the high waisted pants. Jeans more so than trousers.  But I don’t have a little tiny waist.  I find I have to bump up a size or two to fit into the tiny little waist and then the rest of the pants don’t fit me at all. Plus they are less comfortable to sit in.

    To me the jeans look marmy not fresh and while I never liked low rise pants, somewhere in the middle is just perfect.  Moderation, everything in moderation.

  • >

    I love high waisted jeans!!! I have a bit of a tummy… so it helps me to cover up and still look sexy and stylish.. without looking like a granny!!!


  • anisa


    i love love love the high-waisted trend but am really curvy – big boobs, small waist, big bum – just hope it works out!!!

  • Jenny Huerta


    oh I forgot to mention that this look is very classic and if put together right can look excellent.  Some people just don’t have the figure or the fashion sense to make it work.  Besides, didn’t your grandma tell you to wear high waisted pants to KEEP your figure?  Well mine did and she’s a very stylish women.  And besides aren’t you tired of seeing peoples rear end when they sit down in those low rise jeans???

  • Jenny Huerta


    Where can I get those infamous high rise pants that can still carry a fresh young style?

  • TK


    Try having a figure like this:

    38-36-56. That’s right, major round booty with a little waist. Women aren’t built like footballs or 2 by 4s. We have CURVES, some of us more than others. I HATE buying jeans with the same size waist as my hips so that when they are big enough for my hips, the waist is 3 sizes too big! Bring on the hi-waisted jeans. They used to be just the perfect fit for my figure. I hope they still are.

  • Sue


    Not all high waisted jeans are awful. I have a pair and think they are really flattering. I look long and lean and curvy in them. I think they are more sexy than any pair of low rise jeans. I HATE low rise jeans. Good bye to those!

  • BB


    I agree there needs to be some middle ground like mid waisted jeans, but I’d rather wear high waisted ofer low risers anyday. I am plus sized and I am so so sick of showing my under wear. I don’t plan to tuck my shirt in, but I like the comfidence in knowing whether short or long when I sit or bend over you won’t see anything, but jeans.I look forward to buying several pairs.

  • >

    I am so lucky for having a couple of hi-waisted jeans when some might have no idea where to buy it. well I haven’t used it for ages since it is soooo last decade that I didn’t have enough guts to wear it. I have had it since mid-90s and luckily it still fits me. however, I do still have no enough guts to wear it. my body is pretty curvy so I am not confident enough to be looked like a walking vase. it’s silly I know. it’s just the matter of confidence, I guess. more people wearing it, more motivated I am to wear it. and still I don’t see many people wearing it. they are still in lurve with low rise skinny jeans.

  • crystal


    I am a firm believer that higher waisted pants were why my tummy was always so flat. Now I have a permanent pooch right where my low rise pants sit. It’s like a corest effect or something. Your body stays slimmer inside the part that’s “confined” so to speak. And it’s not that Scarlet looks bad in those pants, they look great on her….I think it’s just more drastic with the spandex top tucked in.

  • >

    two things:

    1.  The jeans that Scarlett Johanson is wearing are NOT high waisted.  They are natural waist.  Correct me if I am wrong, but your natural waist is the smallest part of your waist.  High waisted would be another couple inches above that.  Think Zoot Suit pants.

    2.  High Waisted jeans are like the ones that Diesel and Miss Sixty are advertising, where they have sort of a corset effect past the natural waist line.

    I for one am happy high waisted pants are coming into vogue.  I too hope there will be a happy middle,though, right at my natural waist line.

    Girls and boys who are into vintage fashion, have been buying repro jeans and pants with a natural or high waist for years.  Maybe now well be able to buy them in department stores instead of specialty stores.

  • Kyle


    What I don’t understand is why clothing manufacturers can’t make plenty of low and high rise jeans, therefore more people will have more choices.

    With fashion it always seems like this self-appointed elite vanguard is more than happy to tell us what looks good and what doesn’t (when in reality that is in the eye of the beholder).  And whatever that vanguard says, goes.  Plus, types of clothing frowned upon by the elite of the moment gets crowded out of clothing stores.

  • Kyle


    “ive been wearing hipsters for soo long and i jst want to wear high waiste pants but am afraid of what people still following the crowd will think!”

    Don’t let yourself become victimized by fashion police brutality.

  • shemale


    More power to the low rise waist!
    I HATE high waists, they remind me of old men who wear their troos up to their tits!
    For me, waists cant be low enough. Yes! I do wear them myself! I find girls jeans fit me best. I detest the hip hop baggy tent look.

  • Sarah


    High waisted jeans don’t look as bad when they’re worn in a fashionable manner like the model above.
    But too many American older women wear high waisted jeans in an UN-fashionable manner, and they’re always those ugly light colored acid wash style, with big sweatshirts and such, which is ridiculous.

    My choice would be somewhat of a happy middle.
    I like my waists on jeans to be not bum-crack showing, but not that high.
    A few centimeters below my belly button (but not too low to show my butt) is just right for me.

    This is coming from a 19 year old who wears a size 00 or 0.

    I’m not anorexic, I’m just naturally thin.
    It’s nice that the size acceptance movement is in the US, but I find it ironic that only thin women get criticised in the US these days.
    If a person is thin without eating disorders or excessive dieting, then more power to them!
    If a plus-sized person is healthy and such, then more power to them!
    America needs to learn to accept that thin is good, average size is good, and plus-size is good as long as you are healthy (ie, not have extremely high blood pressure etc…) and don’t achieve your body type by eating disorders and whatnot.
    As for jeans, older women in America need to get rid of those mom-jeans with high waists, acid wash colors, combined with old hag looking clothing.

  • Spike


    High waist jeans do not belt *at* the natural waist.  They belt well *above* it.  *That* is why they are wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • AD


    I LOVE this style! I purchased 2 pairs of high waisted shorts (one black satin and another brown with pinstripes) paired with a lace button up top tucked in and sexy stilettos and the compliments were endless….this was back in September. My question is, where can I find high waisted jeans?? Urban Outfitters has a pair but I prefer button ups vs a long zipper….Help Please and thanks!

  • Jay


    I notice girls who like the 1940’s thing like Scarlett and Gwen Stefani will wear high rise (sometimes).  I think it looks good and should come back for a few years.

  • cheryl


    I have been unable to purchase trousers since 1997!  after that it was all that low hip stuff for denims or that big broad band instead of a proper waist band, and this band sitting just below the waist. this did not flatter my shape at all. I am a very slim 53 year old with a good basic shape, but the low rise trousers could do nothing for me. the low jeans look good on girls under 30, but even then, it hides the female shape and accentuates the stomach and the hips, and unless the tummy is concave and the hips slim and jutting, the looks is not flattering at all.

  • Mary


    High-waisted jeans and pants are always flattering. They’re classic. Think about Audrey Hepburn and Kate Hepburn. Think about Jackie Kennedy. Sure, many people will say that that was then, and this is now, but they are all undeniably fashion icons. Designers still draw inspiration from them. Unfortunately, recent years have shown that women are no longer able to age gracefully because they want to hold on to youth, so middle-aged women have been dressing as if they are going out to a club and they are 18 years old. It’s ridiculous! Showing a lot of skin isn’t sexy- it’s skanky. But showing a lot of curves in the right places is classic and always attractive. High-waisted pants are the perfect solution.

  • aussie gal


    ive been wearing hipsters for soo long and i jst want to wear high waiste pants but am afraid of what people still following the crowd will think!

  • Carmen


    I agree with Fashion4ward- mostly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE high waisted trousers and also dresses and skirts and just about anything belted at the natural waist. It is feminine. Sexy while remaining ladylike. Everything that lowslung, crack pants are not. I love a high waisted jean, but I agree with Fashion4ward in that a trouser cut is infinitely more flattering than something like the pant Scarlett is wearing above.

    Also, I think skinny jeans look totally ridiculous. Not cigaertte pants- skinny jeans. It’s like the high waist trouser cut vs. the jean pictured. Denim is not appropriate for just any silhouette.

  • >


    Okay, heres the deal.

    High-waisted Trouser are sexy!!!

    High-waisted Jeans/Denim are not sexy!!

    I’m a guy and i’m kind of sad that high is coming in at this time, i was hoping it would come in later at the decade ending like 08 but it came in earlier than expected (even tho i should have known since empire waist/belted waist was in)

    But anyway I’m a guy and now places are putting low-rise jeans out for men. This High-Waisted look is going to be a trend, b/c there are sooooooooooooooo many girls and guys who are in love with wearing their pants/jeans low.

    But me now speaking as a fashionista, I think it’s hot on trousers and pants with a big belt. But on jeans it looks to tacky and not moving fashion-forward, it’s just going back in time with jeans for some reason with high-rise denim.

    But at school, I wore suspenders and slim-fitting trouser with chuck taylors and it was Hot. So many people complimented me b/c they all said it was different from my skinny really really low jeans.

  • sanchia


    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! its so stylish, so new, so fabulous! Is about time for a change. Im guessing low rise hipsters are out?

  • i love hi rise


    ive been wearing lo rise jeans and i for one am sick of them…. i love hi rise, but they are so hard to find because everyone is still in that whole low rise state….but i honestly think they are so cool, and more classy

  • Proud anachronist


    I think fashion style is largely a matter of the time in which a person developed to have a sense of or concern for fashion. Perhaps such a time would be between a person’s early teens to their early to mid-20s. Making exception for those people who have extreme, perhaps excessive, concern for and interest in fashion trends, I think it is to be expected that the average person’s fashion sense is likely to become settled into a comfortable pattern (perhaps even stagnant), no matter what the fashion trends dictate, no matter how much fashion trends change.

      I am a forty-something male who currently wears pretty much the same style of clothing since the mid-1980s. I don’t care what the trends are. For example, current casual, and even formal, male fashions strongly encourage the “untucked shirt” or “tailless shirt” meant to hang freely. That’s fine, but I will always wear my shirts tucked in because that’s what I’m used to. It could get to be very impractical, as well as very expensive, to change one’s fashion style every time the trends dictate that one should do so.

      I have a female friend who is my age to whom I frequently give clothes, including jeans/pants, as gifts, and sometimes we shop together. I have usually been successful in pleasing her with my choices, as what I found attractive on a woman coincided well with her fashion tastes. But I’ve largely stopped buying jeans for her because the high-waisted, narrow-legged, slim-fitting styles of the 1980s and early 1990s which accentuated her curvaceous figure like a glove simply no longer exist; the baggier and/or low-slung hip-hop styles of the late 1990s took over. She doesn’t like the mid- or low-rise styles of jeans, and neither do I on a woman. Fashion police badgering or deprivation of older clothing styles will not necessarily change people’s sense of style or what they find suitable for themselves or attractive on others. We are both aware that 80s style currently gets a bad rap, and we don’t care. Why should it be next to impossible to buy clothes that suit one’s own older fashion sense as new trends arise? Why doesn’t the choice of modern to retro-style increase instead of decrease?

      To adress the question directly, I give enthusiastic endorsement to women of any age wearing their bottom garments (jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) to fit up their natural waist, meaning that the beltline will be very close to or even slightly above the navel. I grew up during a time when this was standard style for a woman, and I became used to it. Also, shirts and blouses were usually tucked into the beltline of the bottom garment. I feel this syle makes the most of a woman’s bottom half by enhancing the wasp-waisted, hourglass shape of a woman’s body, especially if the garment is close-fitting. I don’t find the lower beltline attractive on women, and I find the extremely low-waisted styles downright ugly, unflattering, and vulgar (for obvious reasons). Actually, I find low-waisted pants/jeans on a woman to be rather unfeminine, almost masculinizing.

      Am I a fashion-anachronist? I probably am. Will my tastes change with the fashion trends? Well, they haven’t so far, and I don’t anticipate that they ever will.

  • >

    what I don’t like is that it’s almost impossible to find jeans that AREN’T lowrise, and bootcut, and not to mention the painted on bleach stripes. It’s like everyone has to go along with every stupid denim trend because that’s all the stores will sell.

  • egr


    The main difference between the vain girls and my alter ego is just this: the former usually wear low waist jeans, my alter ego high waist ones.

  • Cassidy


    I think high waists are a trend definetly, but whether they catch on is another thing entirely.
    The fashion elite can do random wardrobe overhauls to get with the HW, bolero jacket cinch waist blouses, victorian tops with neck detailing & so on & toss it when low waist puff top trousers or whatever trend hits comes in.
    The Mass market will take awhile longer to catch on. But i love it, think it works, & am waiting for the day my visa is restored.

  • jean guy


    I am a guy who likes high rise jeans. To me, they accentuate a woman’s curves a lot better than the lower rise jeans. Two things I don’t like about low rise jeans are: the thong view in the rear when a woman bends over and I see more than I need too. Does anyone agree that subtlty and what you can’t see is VERY sexy? Another thing I don’t like (actually two more similar things)about low rise jeans is the belly view. Either we have a bulging “roll” hanging out the front (in the case of larger bellied women) or, we have two protruding hipbones (in skinnier women) that, to me, ruin the body lines. Look at Scarlett in the photo above…. she looks smooth and curvy. To my mind that is how a woman should look. I side with my male friend above. Jean style peaked in the 80’s. Guess jeans of that period made woman of all shapes and sizes look as good as they possibly could. High waists with high pockets equal a “high looking butt” which is very much better than the look of low rise jeans with pockets that sit almost at thigh level. The pockets should sit high on the curves of a womans posterior. When they are low, they give the illusion of a lower bum and I am quite certain no woman likes that thought. Very few women look good in low rise jeans but high rise jeans help control the belly and accentuate the positive… p.s. high waisted jeans also make the legs look longer which is also a big plus….!

  • Anonymous


    I think Scarlett looks fabulous in those jeans.  She looks like a real woman instead of a stick figure.  I have a pair of high-waisted jeans (not as high as those pictured, but fairly high) and I swear I lose 10 pounds when they go on.

  • Liza


    Why can’t we have a “middle-of-the-road” waist? Too high OR too low are un-flattering on anyone without a wasp-like middle. My vote is to bring back good ‘ole Levi Red Tabs!

  • Lea


    I say HELL!  Jeans that are too high waisted are NOT flattering, and this is coming from a full figured gal!  Even Scarlet looks less good in those, I know fashion trends like to go extreme opposite of the last (low rise butt crack jeans form last season) but neither is good!  I’ll wear my good fitting classic pair of jeans thank you.

  • Crystal


    Ithink they are awfu. The high rise jean is just for the runway like art something to look at awnd admire. Real women who have curves cannot where these jeans without looking a little to round. I dont see these jeans as an ordinary thing that women on the street should wear, they are more of an inspiration to want to look better.

    P.s. Hats off to Sarlett, though!

  • Jill


    Just cause it’s “in” don’t make it right.