High Vs. Low: The Statement Necklace

Money is tighter than ever this time of year — but the cruel joke? We have to show incredible restraint to resist buying ourselves all those fabulous things we’re seeing, and budget our money carefully to ensure we have gifts for our most-deserving loves ones covered. Ugh, it’s a fashionistas nightmare — but we do have our ways of justifying spending a tiny bit on ourselves. For example, those holiday get-togethers (and hey, just those dreary winter days ahead) mean we could really use a little bling to update our tried-and-true basics. Statement necklace anyone? Yes please.

Okay, so we’ve talked ourselves into it — but we refuse to overspend. To prove you don’t have to (it’s a hobby) we’ve found two statement necklaces we like — one is chump change (okay it’s on sale, but even so) and the other is half our entire holiday spending limit. Can you tell which is which? Answer after the jump.

1. High: Micha Design, Long Cluster Necklace, Gold, $398, ShopSheBoutique.com
2. Low: Mixed Media Statement Necklace, on sale $14.99 (regularly $58) UrbanOutfitters.com


Angela is a senior writer who's been hanging around TBF since way back in 2007. When she's not weighing in on the merits of, say, feathers as a fashion statement, Angela works as a bridal consultant in the St. Louis area. She also enjoys sunsets, and long walks in Target.