High Vs. Low: Holiday Glitter Clutch

A standout clutch can add soooo much to your holiday ensemble — and seriously, a little glitter makes us ridiculously happy. True, glitter can look cheap if it’s not done well — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done well inexpensively. Don’t believe it? Well, actually, neither did we but seriously, look at the two clutches pictured here. One is way less than our monthly membership at the gym (pleease don’t ask us what our cost-per-use ratio is on that one, though), while the other would buy us a shiny new treadmill all our own (on sale, anyway). So which is which?

Glitter Clutch

Picture One, the High: kate spade candy darling glitter Emanuelle, $395, KateSpade.com

Glitter Clutch

Picture Two, the Low: Lulu Townsend Glitter Box Clutch, $29.95, DSW.com


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