Wanna Know How to Do a HeadWrap? Then Watch This Video

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Let me tell you a little story…

One of my major new years resolutions was to become the Michael Phelps of the Harlem YMCA. I wanted to learn how to properly swim, including how to do those awesome flips in the water. I had visions of my self swimming laps after laps, gliding through the water like a black flipper. There was just one problem…my hair. You see, I had a perm (the straight hair kind for my white sistas).

Perm + Chlorine = BIG Disaster

So, I had a choice: I could keep my hair in all it’s permed glory and still be horribly out of shape or I could cut it off and be a stealth swimming machine. After much thought, I made the decision to cut off my hair (like India Arie, down to the scalp cut off) and go completely natural.

Spring/Summer 2012 became all about the 3 Ws: Wigs, Weaves, and Wraps.

So when the folks at Kmart approached me about doing another video about my personal style for their Conversations on Style series, I choose to talk about one of the 3Ws, the headwraps. In the video, I give a very simple tutorial on How to Tie a Head Wrap.

Watch: My Head Wrap Tutorial

What Are you Doing with Your Hair This Summer?

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