Web Site Review: HaulerDeals.com

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What: HaulerDeals.com announces big changes–so Angela does some shopping Web site recon.

The Lowdown: HaulerDeals defines “haulers” as “those who hunt for amazing fashion, gather their favorites and share them with the world.” Okay, we’re on board with that. Upon our first visit, we’re asked to sign up of course, so we do, with the requisite name and e-mail address–after which we became an instant “VIP” member, which is kinda so 2008, but in this case being a VIP gives you an immediate e-mail with a 10-percent-off-coupon code in it–sooooo, we’re cool with 2008.

The site, like any other flash sale site, offers a limited number of items at any given time–but that being said, the offerings are fairly broad, split between fashion, beauty and accessories. Easy navigation? Check–each click narrows your shopping experience a little more, then when you find an item you like simply scroll over for both a closer look (with KILLER photo quality – we could look at the pics of this spike stretch bracelet all day long–it’s like art) AND pricing. One more click and you find available sizes and the option to buy. Easy-peasy–which is pretty much our main requirement, besides great value, for any online shopping experience.

For us, however, pretty deals and fashion-forwardness isn’t everything–communication is a critical element to doing business, and if you’re not available to talk to us, we’re pretty sure we’re not available to spend money with you. HaulerDeals knows how to work the customer service and social-networking angle–with live chat, 24-hour e-mail support and plenty of “about us” and “meet the gurus” information, along with the current expected dazzling array of social media share buttons, HaulerDeals appears as transparent as they come–and/or as super-tuned-in to what savvy consumers expect. Either way, it’s a good thing.

The Bottom Line: We don’t know if, in the long run, this is a site we’ll come to again and again, but it’s worth a first look, and maybe a second. HaulerDeals

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