Happy Halloween!: Go Green

The most eco-friendly way to get your spook on for Halloween is to open up your closet and get crafty. But in case you’re not blessed with that particular gene, or you just forgot Halloween is like, right now, there are other ways to feel good about your costume choices that are purchased rather than homemade.

Marcy Blum, event planner to the stars, stopped by The BE with several eco-tips to help us celebrate the season and one of our fave’s is to check the label of that sexy nurse outfit before you buy. Petroleum based fabrics are not friendly to the earth seeing as how they require fossil fuels in their making, so go for natural fabrics like silk. We like this magician number for only $13.99 at zEarth. And specialty shops such as Sarah Silks and Magic Cabin offer a number of kid outfits (yes, there are princesses) that are all silk as well.

Other tips from Marcy we can get behind: serve organic foods and drink at your soirée, use recycled decorations and biodegradable serving and flatware. Then promptly pat yourself on the back for another holiday party well done and head to candy town!

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