Top Hair Trends for Going Out

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We know you probably don’t go out every night like you used to in your college days. (Or maybe you’re still in college, and this guide will prove to be your nightly go-to guide?) But, it’s still nice to glam up and go to a movie, a nice party, or a Broadway show that comes to your town. When these special events happen, it’s easy to feel a bit stuck. Do you fix your hair like you always do for work? Or, should you try something a bit different? Should you just head to a salon, convinced you can’t create something equally as pretty on your own? Well, we have those answers for you.

This year, forget about expensive hair treatments and going to the salon for pricey up dos. When it’s time for a night out on the town, all you need are some hot rollers, bobby pins, and a little hair spray. These tools can help you create a pretty, natural (and we swear, easy to create) style that will be the envy of any party you attend.

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  • Great piece and good instructions. When I saw this come across my Google reader I knew I had to check out and the mentioning of YouTube videos was really helpful too. Thanks so much!

  • Irene Bradford

    I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! I am growing out my bangs and
    am having trouble finding cute ways to do my hair. Any cute styles? I’m
    Sure other readers are going though this too! Thank you!