The Best Haircare Products Under $5

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4. Garnier Fructis Style-Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray

Garnier Glossing SprayWhy It’s Awesome: This product is actually hairspray and gloss combined. It won’t make your hair sticky or incredibly stiff. Instead, it just tucks all your flyaways in place and gives your hair an awesome, healthy glow. It’s easy to use and inexpensive.

Where to Get it: $3.34 at Target and other local drugstores.

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  • nlwilliams

    Hmmm… good questions will these products work on African American “relaxed” hair??

  • Its great article, fantastic products at good price

  • I almost ran out of tune when i sang a song while reading this! This is Actually very good! Good enough for all people! thumbs up for it!

  • Thanks. As someone who spends a small fortune on hair products, this was a good read.

  • Rhonda

    Do these products work well on black hair?