The Best Haircare Products Under $5

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2. Pantene Fine Hair Heat Protection & Shine Spray

Pantene Fine Hair Spray

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a given that we’re going to use hair dryers, straighteners, etc. These tools work wonders for a bad hair day but can be pretty rough on your hair health. To fix that, spray a little bit of this heat protection spray on before you stick the rollers in. You’ll notice a change within a few weeks.

Where to Get it: $3.99 online and in local drugstores.

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  • nlwilliams

    Hmmm… good questions will these products work on African American “relaxed” hair??

  • Its great article, fantastic products at good price

  • I almost ran out of tune when i sang a song while reading this! This is Actually very good! Good enough for all people! thumbs up for it!

  • Thanks. As someone who spends a small fortune on hair products, this was a good read.

  • Rhonda

    Do these products work well on black hair?