The Dummy’s Guide to Caring for New Jeans

So, how do you quickly break in new jeans so that they fit you perfectly? Check out these, fool proof, tips for getting your jeans to fit perfectly.

Tips for Breaking in New Jeans

•  THE FIRST WASH: The first step to breaking in a pair of new jeans is to wash the jeans in hot water and partially dry them (meaning they should be a bit damp). While still damp, put the jeans on and walk around with them so they start to conform to your body.

•  JUST BEAT IT: For denim that’s hard or stiff wash them in hot water and then put them in the dryer with two or three clean tennis balls. The tennis balls will create a soft agitation that will loosen up the material so the jeans will fit better.

•  LESS IS MORE: Purchase jeans that are a bit too snug at the waist (but NOT cutting off your circulation), as they will stretch and break in to fit your specific body after wear. Also, the more you wear jeans between washes, the better they will fit.

•  COLD PLAY: Washing jeans inside-out in cold water helps to maintain color, prevents friction and keeps them looking newer longer.

•  DO OR DYE: New jeans usually carry excess dye, so wash them separately the first few times to avoid bleeding onto other garments.

** Thanks to Fran and David at Express, for sharing these tips!


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