Guest Post: Top Five Plaid Ties For Fall 2010

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Plaid has been on the style radar for a few fall/winter seasons running … and this year is no different. The tie is a budget-friendly way to wear the trend without investing your life savings, but don’t think you can pull out your dad’s tie from 1974 and call it good. Being modern is a style must, and the new plaid tie is leaner, and a modern knot is in order as well — forget the Windsor, think small clean knot appropriate to the scale of the skinnier tie. Some inexpensive ties we like:

Plaid Ties

1. Urban Renewal Vintage Men’s Tie, $18
2. Narrow Silk Tie, $39.90, Express

Plaid Ties

3. Tommy Hilfiger Tie, Skinny Chad Plaid, on sale $27.99, Macy’s
4. Cornwell Plaid Silk Tie, $59.50
5. American Living Plaid Tie, clearance $14.40, JCPenney

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