Guest Post: Style Jack Ryan Reynolds

Okay, so Ryan Reynolds has just been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Does that make him a style icon? Weelll, not exactly– but then again, if he’s really that sexy, we might want to try to take a moment to analyse what he’s got going on — he is married to smokin’ hot Scarlett Johannson after all. Quite frankly, a quick image search indicates that he spends a significant amount of time with his shirt off (which will work for some of us, but not all) … but we managed to find one fully clothed pic that might give us a leg up. Our picks for less:


Ryan Reynolds

1. West End Peacoat, on sale $99.99, Kohl’s
2. Splendid Mills Lead Slub Cotton Henley, on sale $36,

Ryan Reynolds

3. Levi’s America’s Finest Jeans, on sale $39.99, Urban Outfitters
4. UO Clarke Chukka Boot, $78, Urban Outfitters


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