Yea or Nay: Gold Ankle Bracelets

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My fashionista friends will cringe at the mere thought of the ankle bracelet as a viable fashion option.  While I’m not a fan, I do think a tasteful ankle bracelet, like the ones shown above, could be a great accessory for a beach outfit.

Yea or Nay: Gold Ankle Bracelet

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  • paula

    Ankle bracelets are very feminine – that is if they have a delicate look, preferably some gold in them -or real silver – just as one person has commented – like the one Barbara Stanwyck wears in the movie “Double Indemnity”. I have never liked the look of bare legs when a women is dressed up but with a classy ankle bracelet that would make up for the bare legs. I wore a thin gold one over my stockings one time and forget to unclasp it before taking off my stockings and I broke it right in the middle. It wasn’t cheap either. !!
    Classy Ankle bracelets have been around for many years and they never go out of style .

  • bre

    Ghetto and tacky… just no

  • DStaR

    It seems to me that the gals who wear the anklets are either the fast ones, the depressed ones, or the crazy ones (dying for attention). Wonder if there’s a reason for that?

    I randomly googled ankle bracelets cuz I’ve noticed the kind of girls (American, anyway) who wear them and was just curious what’s behind it all.


  • Rick

    I love seeing a woman wear an anklet! I even like them over nylons! I Think it’s classy and feminine and sexy! The ney sayers are boring!

  • I think an ankle bracelet is a versatile fashion accessory. They can be tastefully used in all settings, from casual to formal. If you want to see a good classic movie, watch Double Indemnity (1944) – starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. Her ankle bracelet is shown throughout the movie.

  • Sherry

    I like them, there use to be a meaning on which leg you wear one? On the right ankle your available; on the left your already taken????

  • blueballet

    I love ankles bracelets. They can look very becoming on a small ankle with a nice dress or with a cute pair of capris. I say yeah…

  • Paula

    Ankle bracelets are terrible.  You wouldn’t wear a sign around your neck that said, “I’m cheesy and low-class,” would you?  Then why wear one around your ankle?

  • Kim C.

    I absolutely LOVE wearing an ankle bracelet and wear one on each ankle all year round (NEVER under stockings, though).  Several men I know say they look sexy on me.  I also wear one toe ring all year long.  A simple plain white gold band.  They can be tasteful and elegant if worn right.

  • hanna

    I have a 24k gold anklet that i wear all year round..but it was custom made in UAE…I love them I hate to see everyone so plain all the time

  • Lakeisha

    I happen to think that anklets are a very cute and fun accessory. Silver, gold it doesnt matter, it depends on what you have on…Ladies you have to be open minded when it comes to fashion. That’s what make you special.

  • Chicky

    It all depends on the style of anklet and the image one is trying to portray.  The only thing I truly despise when it comes to ankle bracelets is when women wear them underneath their pantyhose or stockings.  Few things, if any, look cheesier.

  • Dec Diva

    Nay – way too cheesy-looking!

  • Alicia

    I wear an 14K ankle bracelet and it never comes off.  Big chunky ones are unattractive, but small ones are nice.

  • Stacey

    can you say Ghetto un-fabulous!!!  An major NAY from So-Cal!

  • Julie

    I think ankle bracelets are better than a tatoo.

    Keep it simple… but please do not wear stockings over them

  • c

    yeas.  when i wear bare legs, i usually wear them, both gold and silver.  maybe it’s because i wasn’t allowed to wear them as a teenager (my mother told me only “ladies of the evening” wore them)  go figure, she was from an “old” country.

  • Daniella


    Though I like to think I dress classicly and tastefully, ankle bracelets (like hoop earring) are an item from my youth and neighborhood that I will always love.

    I have a delicate silver one with turquoise beads that makes my tan positively glow. There’s nothing wrong with a little bling that makes you feel good!

  • Nancy


  • janey

    mmm, i think in very casual environments, like the beach, are fine for ankle jewelery, or foot jewelery in general.  but they aren’t appropriate for every occasion.  when in doubt, just go for the pedi, in a neutral colour.

  • bethqueen

    I have never been a fan of the ankle bracelet. Growing up in the south , they were not considered a “classy” accessory, like our pearls!

  • Yandla Harris

    I use to wear one when I was younger (college years).  To me it doesn’t seem so fashionable.  Atleast not for me.  But they are cute.  I would rock it, if I was back in college!

  • I think the braclets themselves are pretty- but I’m not much of a jewlery to the beach girl.

  • Melissa

    Ankle bracelt very sexy in the summer, with a sexy sun dress and golden tan! It is a fashionable plus in the summer.

  • Mitzi

    Yes, tasteful gold ankle bracelets NOT wore with metallic shoes. My legs and feet are some of my best features and I like to draw attention to them. Men tell me an ankle bracelet is sexy too.

  • Mae

    YEA-but simple and adult. And ONLY ONE!!! The ones who wear 2 or 3 (anklets or toe rings) go WAY too far!! Keep it simple and you look much better (meaning not the metallic shoes AND an anklet!)!! To be honest, I would rather see an anklet than some of these freaky shoes out there!! Geeeze!

  • Xsyntriq

    I’m with Meg and Megan and Barb. I luv ankle braclets.

    To me, anklets are fun and help to show off pretty feet and legs. They add a sexy little sparkle where you don’t really expect it.

    YEA ankle bracelets!! :c)

  • Marie

    I can’t believe all the negative comments about ankle bracelets.  I wear my tasteful gold one every summer, and always feel bad when it’s time to put it away for winter.  (And I’m, lets say, over 50!)

  • Sasha

    No way, sorry.  Anklets are really tacky and cheesy.

    I can maybe see a teenage surfer girl wearing a hemp anklet bracelet to the beach… everyone else should stay far, far away.  who really need an ankle tan line?

  • Being from NJ, these are making me cringe…How about a small beaded one?  But only if you are 17 or younger…

  • Meg

    I have to disagree with some people here.  I like anklets (and even some toe rings) and I think they can be very fun. However, it has to be the right anklet, with the right outfit, on the right anklet.  I like a simple anklet, on a dainty ankle, with a very casual outfit.  By casual, I mean shorts and sandals casual, or beach cover and flip flops casual.  What can I say, I’m from Florida.  Things are very casual here.   

    I don’t think I like the yellow gold anklets above, but I do have a simple silver anklet that I like and wear.  I also have some nice toe rings that I wear with similarly casual outfits.  I wear one toe ring at a time, and never on the same leg as an anklet.  I also keep jewelry elsewhere very simple and casual.

  • I love ankle bracelets, and always have. I haven’t worn one in awhile because I haven’t found one sophisticated enough.

  • megan

    Ankle Braclets Rocky my World!!!

    They scream summer time fun!! they are cute and fun dressed up or dressed down

  • cathy

    Nay!!! I’m not a fan of ankle bracelets. If a person wants to add interest to the foot/ankle area, a nice pedi is the way to go.

  • T

    that would be a big ol’ “no”.

  • Amy

    Nay on the gold. If you’re going to do a beachy ankle bracelet, make it something surfer-girl like tiny seed beeds or hemp.

  • Mojo

    Nay for me. I’m personally not into ankle bracelets, toe rings etc.. sort of on the tacky side..

  • Nay!  The only girls I’ve seen wear ankle bracelets are not the kind of girls I’d want to be associated with.

  • IROTF!  NAY!  If I see someone wearing an ankle bracelet, I’m going to snap a picture of them and add them to the WhatWentWrong category on my site! Just say no people!!

  • No way.  And besides, there is really no reason to wear any bling to the beach (unless you are Beyonce and it is expected of you).

  • jj


    If there’s a question and the single most tasteful example you can find comes from, then the answer is no.


  • Barb

    Not for the beach alone….If your feet and ankles are pretty, and you look nice in capris, I think anklets are much more chic than metallic sandals.  Adding one to a lower limb that already bears a tattoo is tacky.  I prefer real, finely wrought gold ones, layering two different, simple chains.

  • Anne

    Nay!  They don’t look hot or sexy, they just look stupid.

  • caroline

    Well,  “tasteful ankle bracelet” is an oxymoron in my book, even on the beach. Nay vote.

  • Rainya

    I say YEA. For me, an anklet is an icon of summer… bare ankles, no socks, boots or other colder-weather items.

  • manasvi

    NAY!!! I dunno why but I’ve never associated ankle bracelets with chic.

  • Sandy

    Please, why would you even ask this question?!  Just add a fringed, air-brushed t-shirt and you’re golden! Ugh…

  • chris

    yea—-nice and simple

  • lalita

    Yeah !! How ever Im not really a fan of Ankle bracelets. I really think those are hot !

  • M

    Nicer than a tatt you might become tired of!